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Back about half way into cata, I decided to take a break from wow and disable my account. Within the last few weeks of cata I decided to reactivate the account and continue on my death knight and mage, who between them had many great achievments and mounts that I was very proud of. However upon trying to reactivate it, I found that Blizzard had locked it. So I sent in a ticket asking what happened, and eventually a GM messaged me saying a couple of months after I had quit playing, my account had been hacked by gold sellers and used to spam, so in return they locked it. Okay, so I then followed his instructions and tried regaining my account. Three days later I found myself at square one again. So I just decided to make a new account. Well recently I decided that I would really love to get my <stuff> back, it meant a lot to me. So I gave the account recovery another shot. This time the GM just changed my password? The account was still locked, but don't worry guys, my password is now different from what I had already changed it to months ago. So I sent in another request. The next GM then told me that based on his observations, my account was never compromised and that Blizzard had never locked it. Really? Then why can't I log in? I just want the god damn ban taken off so I can have my characters back!
Not sure if locked and banned accounts are any different with how they can be resolved but I had a locked account because it had been hacked and I called customer service and the lady fixed it pretty quick.. So that may be an option but I am not sure if you can call to get a ban removed, someone will have to clarify that.
Well the exact words are temporarily disabled.
Yeah my account was like that. They do that when your account has been compromised. I don't know how happy you will be about waiting until tomorrow to talk to someone but I am pretty sure you can call customer service and have this fixed.

Until then you could submit another ticket, I doubt it would hurt anything.
if your acct was compromised make sure your computer is cleaned
Sorry about that, Ullerraa. That account was indeed compromised - August a year ago.

It was banned at that time due to what was being done with it - then when you contacted us, they locked it.

It's unlocked now, but you'd need to fund it to be able to play any of those characters. Please, please make certain that both your system and email are secure - or this is very likely to happen again.

You may also want to look into getting an authenticator for your account. It's no substitute for good security habits, but it will help keep them out of your account.

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