Blink through tol'viron doors

Bug Report
So I just spent 30min in tol'viron trying to kill a rogue and druid who felt it was necessary to try to hide outside the arena. Apparently it's pretty easy just to blink through the door to get outside the walls, and the druid was using this to reset the match whenever he was about to die.
Bump. this needs to be fixed.
Bump! Took twenty minutes to kill 1 resto dudu who repeatedly used Displacer beast to travel through the doors, not sure but i imagine mages would also be able to blink through them.. Terribly annoying
Wow, last time I saw something similar to this was in Wintergrasp. If you were in the area before the battle started, and the keep walls were down, you could stand in the middle of the wall as the new walls went up. I discovered it by accident (getting stuck in the process). My pet though was able to leave the confines of the wall and attack players. I could be targeted, but was not in line of sight.

Took Blizzard several months to fix.

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