Spirit kings kill and receive no loot?

Bug Report
I don't understand how we can kill a boss, get bonus loot rolls yet receive no loot from the boss. GM told me there was nothing they can do. I know there's something you guys can do to fix this issue. Our guild deserve 6 pieces of loot that we never received!

Here's the link to our ugly kill at 1:00 mark it shows the bonus loot roll and the boss despawning. Yes it's not the prettiest kill but we would have rather wiped and killed it later and get loot then this happening.

my ticket won't be closed unless blizzard just respawns the boss for their mess up
It's truly frustrating when Blizzard refuses to acknowledge their own mistakes. We clearly were robbed the gear from their boss encounter because it bugged out. We were still learning the encounter. This was, I believe, our fourth try at it. Obviously if we had known this would have happened we would have just wiped and gone again.

The boss dies, we receive coin roll, the bosses bodies disappear, we receive ZERO loot from the encounter aside from coin rolls. It's pretty cut and dried yet are told by multiple GMs that we looted all gear but one piece of loot?

If this were weeks into tier this wouldn't have been that big of an issue, but at first week of new content those six pieces of gear really helps your guild then progress through the new content.

Admit you encounter bugged blizzard, fix this issue. Give the Raid Leader of our raid a list and allow us to give out this loot to our raiders.

Please don't just brush us off and ignore us!
I guess if we raided 16 hours a day they might respond
This is really starting to get offensive. This happened a number of days ago, and the only responses from Blizzard prove that they really dont have any clue what really happened and have refused to take into consideration exactly what we are saying in our correspondence.

Blizzard, please address this issue. Its very simple to fix with about 3 minutes of work. We downed a boss in 25 man. Only those awarded loot due to their bonus roll got anything. There was no lootable corpse of the boss with the 6 pieces of loot that is standard of downing 25 man bosses in MV.

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