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Okay so my WoW hasn't been in the best condition since 5.0.4, I've had to run WoW without the launcher to play it properly, however as of yesterday its no longer letting me.

When I open WoW it'll say 'Updating setup files' with a green bar, it gets to about 70% and freezes forever. I've tried things like disabling security programs, deleting battle.net folder, enabling secondary logon and defragging yet no luck.

It may have something to do with my internet being capped, although it was capped around 4 days ago so I don't understand why my WoW won't run all of a sudden.

Also, it appears that I no longer have a Blizzard Updater OR Repair file, I can't find them anywhere. I have the MoP disk so I'm wondering if its possible to uninstall everything, reinstall with the disk and.. not have to download any of the recent patches? (like maybe store them somewhere..) As my internet is capped that would take a very long time to do.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
Im also heaving the same problem at first i thought it was just a big update but its been up for 2 hours...
Ok i found out how to fix it and it only took me a hour lol. you need to set the comparability to Windows xp/sp3, for the ones that don't know how to do that right click the wow icon go to properties the comparability then change setting for all use and there will be a drop down menu and pick Windows xp/sp3 and Apply and start it, im guess everyone that is having theses problems is useing winows 7/ vista
im having this problem on xp.
haven't played in a while as well. i dont see a repair.exe either

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