[Bug] Silent Assassin Achievement

Bug Report
Wow! I'm kinda pissed. That said, I killed the exact amount of mobs needed for the achievement and made sure not to kill any adds on the final quest even though I almost died.

Once I turned in the last quest I got a "You are mounted" message and no achievement. It seems it had been reported in the Beta but it never got fixed. As I was doing it without checking Wowhead to make sure it wasn't broken, I'll have to do it again tomorrow....


Edit - Zanzabarr (Ysondre-US) was the toon I was on in case you can see I should have earned it and fix it.
I completed all of these quests and made the mistake of turning them in the first time while mounted and did not get the achievement. Today, I did it again and took care not to be mounted upon completing the quest. A friend, who did them at the same time as me (but ungrouped just to be safe), who sacrificed his achievement to help me kill a mob that I almost died to, got his achievement. I would love an explanation as to what I need to do to actually get credit for the achievement I have completed TWICE now. The only thing I can think of is that after I turned in the first 4 quests, they did a server restart. I then completed the last quest and turned it in. I guess make sure they don't screw you out of your achievement that way too!
Completed yesterday , didnt get it, completed again today, still didn't get it. I am really confused now. Put in a ticket but missed the GM so I got a normally we can't give you hints on the achievement bs. I don't need hints I need to know if it is broken so I don't waste my time trying to get it every time I can try. Really annoyed now.

And by the post above me it seems like do we have to kill one over or something to get it? If so , so much for exact number.
just completed this set of dailys myself (first time available on my server) and i killed exactly 15 lesser mantid, 4 greater mantid and then the Swarmlord as it told me, no achieve.
Still bugged, just did it today (first time it's come up as the dailies for me)

Did get the odd you are mounted message.
Same for me. I completed the full set of Shado-Pan Wu Kao dailies while only killing the 15 lesser mantid, the 4 greater mantid, and the final boss mob. Not a single one more.

Did not get the achievement.

A guildmate reports a similar experience - he said he did the same thing and it didn't count for him, either.
Definitely bugged. Took care to do all the quests as prescribed. Turned in last quest at camp, got a red text error, and no achievement. Was bugger all because waiting for those elites to spawn was annoying. And I didn't even kill the elite's cronies.
having same issues
It's still bugged I've done it exactly as required 3 times in a row now. Even making sure I wasn't mounted or in flight form and also that I got the tags on all the mobs that needed to be killed. Still no achievement so yes I'd say something in the requirements is broken. I do know other people who have gotten it but there is something funky going on with the requirements for the achievement would be my guess.
I finally got this today. Only major differences in how I did it from the other day and today are two things.

1. I turned in my final quest to the follower of someone else on Sra'Vess and it popped up a normal quest window to accept the new quest rather than the lil option thing in the Quest Objective Tracker like if I turn it in at the Garrison.

2. The final Target to kill was the Hivelord Rather than the Swarmlord.

So it's possible that something in these two is where the issue is.

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