[H] Static 25m 14/14 Heroic - 3 night/wk

Guild Recruitment
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Not too shabby for the first night in a new tier. Can't wait to see some of the more difficult bosses however.
9/12 Normal now....world's 2nd fastest kill for Primordius!
Time to finish up normal modes!
Done with normals!

Not too shabby for a true 3 night/week guild!
Heroics begin tonight.....anyone want to join?
More raiders needed....check out the first post for the most up to date recruitment needs.
Crappy boss was crappy......we all played like doo doo last night and tonight I expect more! Especially since I won't be there.
Always looking for talented players

relevant info in description!
More people!
5.2 progression!
More to come this week.....keep watching.
Ready for an assault?
Recruitment updated
More apps for awesome raiding.
Sub 1% wipe on Horridon last night......almost there.
3/13 Heroic now
Weekend down time
More apps I say!
Can't wait for another night of downing heroic content.

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