[H] Static 25m 14/14 Heroic - 3 night/wk

Guild Recruitment
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Full on resto druid atm.....could possibly be looking for a moonkin though.....ranged dps in general atm
Killed off 2/6 HoF last night.
Still need a main tank!
Recruitment needs updated
Recruitment updated
Shamman's and locks, you know what to do.
Warlocks, please come out of hiding!
Recruitment Updated!
Good apps are more then welcome
Always looking
Locks, DK's, Warriors, Shamans come at me.
Updated 11/15
If you can dps and dodge disks....let's talk!
11/19 and still looking for fire dodging raiders
4/16H now
Elegon down...still no mount
Dem mounts.
11/23 still looking to fill a few slots.
need good apps, check us out
A few good apps in, still LFM

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