[H] Static 25m 14/14 Heroic - 3 night/wk

Guild Recruitment
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Ilvl 493 Experienced Lock LF a new home :).(4/6, 16/16) I have been playing for over 4 years(not on this account i have two) and been good since then. have done almost all hardmodes that are out atm(except of course new ones like empress etc) and will garanty excellent performance and dedication+ dps :) hit me up in game if interestedorigin#1629can see my resert logs if needed. ty I recently ranked on spirit kings top 100, on will top 100 and on vizier.
Last day of the raid lockout....H Amber Shaper progression!

3 new heroic bosses this week!
Another week.....albeit shortened due to the holidays.
Apps, we want to see them flowing in!
Happy holidays!

Always looking for awesome players
Can't wait for the holiday 2 day raiding slump to be over!
Looking for some healers and great DPS to join our ranks.
Holiday raiding is finally over with!
Next raid lockout well be back to the grind! Get an app up if you want to join in on H ToES progression.
I hear that shamans are baller. Any Ele or Resto Shamans interested in a new home?
Still looking for some healers. Maybe you can Weave mists like a boss? Then throw up an app
Priests that can bubble like the best of them and possibly toss some HoTs out as well? We could use you.
Keep the healers coming!
Still looking for some healers. Would love to see some great apps before the next raid lockout.
Would love to see some more healer and dps apps this weekend. Looking at some strong H Progression next week!
Anyone wanna put up an app for me to read this fine Sunday morning?
I particularly enjoy healing apps! Shaman or priest would be lovely!
We could possibly take another Holy Paladin as well!
What does it take to find a shaman?
DPS roster seems to have rounded out, still need a new healer or two though

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