<Nocturnal Lunacy> 9/16 HM 10pm-1am

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Bump for updated recruitment and boss kill

dps shaman ele with enhance off spec

Still looking for quality players, 8/12.
updated for kill 1/12hm 8/12 reg

disenchanting heroic agility mail makes me cry, LF ele/enhance shammy and a hunter.
o hai der

Did you see me?
Bump for updated recruitment needs
Bump for some good folks ;)
<3 Miss you
Team 2 has an immediate full-time position for a shadow priest and mage. Elegon progression.
Updated recruitment needs for team one are

Monk Healer
Ele shaman
to the top!

You heard the men.
Bump i485(resto) 7/12r lf raid group. Your schedule works well for me. pst me in-game
pst either me or Nyeema tonight in game, cheers.
bump for 3/6 in HoF, one dead bug!
still looking for a tank? 480 prot warrior whisper me in game
Apply at nocturnal-lunacy.wowstead.com
back to the top kthx

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