<Nocturnal Lunacy> 9/16 HM 10pm-1am

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something witty
Guys still looking for a hunter?

Finally figured out how to apply. >< Didn't realize I needed to add a character.
Will do so tomorrow.
get a app in :)
App in!
I have 2 immediate trial spots for ranged dps
^^ zoinks
LF 1 ranged dps, pst me in game for details or app
what he said ^
Happy turkey week, LF 1 ranged dps, hunter/boomy/ele shammy would be great.
updated for 10/16nm wind lord was beaten up and lunch money was taken.

Still looking for ranged dps
Happy Turkey DAY!

Immediate openings for:

frost DK

We always look at quality raiders, so don't be shy about talking me up in game.
Add ele shammy to that list, but I am starting to think that they just don't exist, or every one of them is happy somehwere, I mean seriously 140k lavalash ftw in so so gear.
O hai dar, still looking for the right raiders for an awesome guild full of semi bizarre people.
I like beer
updated for amber shaper kill in HoF 11/16

Hella high need for a boomkin, bring me yer LAZERCHICKENS!
how iz bab e formed Dargon?

In other news, Lf skilled ranged as we push into ToeS, cuz honestly grand empress to 10% in 5 pulls means dead boss soon.
2 boss night, HoF cleared, and Protectors of the Endless, 13/16 looking for ranged, Boomkin, Hunter and any qualified ranged are needed as we finish regs and push into heroics.
killed the worm last night, 14/16nm, lf boomkin!
update for 15/16 tonight and some good pulls on sha, LF a boomkin in a big way, join us as we push heroics hard in the coming weeks.
16/16nm cleared, contact me in game to join us for naked blood elf dance parties!

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