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I found a vendor that sold "Adventure Supplies" and it turned out he had an entire set of 372 gear for sell for gold. While the items themselves weren't amazing it was a really neat set of gear that could be used for transmogs.

I just thought this was a really neat thing to offer for players that wanted a unified set that looked cool. Hopefully there is more of this.

Also, its pretty neat that all the items I'm coming across in the jade forest are a set of items. Once again, while I'm not using any of them (my cata gear is still better, especially with all the set bonuses and gems/enchants) its nice to have another transmog set.

Thanks for the variety and easy to get gear sets. It's nice looking, well, not like a clown, ala classic-cata.
I quit Cata about a month after hitting 85 and had (mostly) crap leveling gear from the Cata zones - so that guy was really useful in bringing my gear up to snuff. The prices were pretty good too.
Agreed. It's nice to not get random oddities of gear for rewards. It doesn't affect my hunter much, but some of the plate armor looks really awful when it doesn't match. :-p
For someone who is going straight from hitting 85 in cata direct to MoP (no cata dungeons or heroics done at 85), that gear is great for them, as their iLevel will probably be around 320-330 or so.
There's also a guy who sells 87 or 88 (can't remember which) gear in Townlong too I believe.
I think my paladins leveling would have been very difficult without that vendor. I had a full set of cata questing gear for holy (308-316ilvl) and a full set of 10m offspec ret gear from icc (251-264 ilvl)

I am glad they added it (although I'm not leveling my paladin next, shaman first). Decided to give the ali gankers on tich a bit of time to get bored before I go back to leveling there.
yeah i went from 310ilvl to 369

sorry didnt see how old the thread was when i posted

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