Rate the Xmog!

Not bad, though there seems to be a lot of colors in there that I'm not sure about. 7.5/10 Usually I'd give it a lower grade for mismatching colors, but.. there's something about it that's sort of calming, and I don't know what it is, but I like it.

As for my own set, I'm going for a Winterspring look. You know, blending in with the snow. Maybe using the cape as rocky camouflage.
I can see what you were going for with that set and the bow is perfect for it. I like it and it's perfect for a night elf. :D 9/10

For my set I like a practical look - going over rugged terrain, I feel I'd need something not too constricting. Also that gun because Goblin.
i like yours alot 9/10 im still trying to find a LW with the LK pattern for my chest and im getting the pvp gun to match ruthless i believe ..i might look for better glovesd and pants but for now the colors are close enough.. im trying to build around the shoulders and boots i got from TOC
Nice! 8/10
Interesting choices Adeus.
7.5/10 If you'd get the red swashbuckler's shirt, I'd bump it up to 9ish, you just look a bit disconnected right now.
9/10 Brophy...love the bow Xmog...one of my favorites...
8/10, your headpiece doesn't go with it
01/27/2013 08:49 AMPosted by Hawke

8.5 or 9/10

I like the way the spikes on the gun match the shoulder spikes. Eye patches are always awesome. Shame I can't see it all from the armory pose.

I'm not sure if I like mine yet. Doesn't feel hunter-y.
Not a fan of the Rhino look, but overall, it works. 9/10 - 10/10 if you had, Treads of the Wasteland and Nerub'ar Stalker's Cord. I'm sure you're working on it though.
I'm still rocking the Borg Queen look.
9/10, pretty :D Too bad you no haz Lohn'goron, Bow of the Thorn Heart.
Flashy! I actually really like it! 9.5/10 (minus .5 simply because it's not the most hunter-esque set).

@ Raveneyes. 10/10. Unique and looks great!
I see you got a somewhat matching set of boots :D

If only you had a Zod's bow (Blue)

i love it, 10/10

my hunter is too low for cool xmogs :(
Simple, just needs a better sword.
Simple, just needs a better sword.

stole mah look, ya bastard >_> 9/10 regardless.

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