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Bleeding Hollow
Hi cutesies, I'm looking for that big strong power bottom that I pumped into a rage over on Kun Lai summit. I know we didn't have much time together before I had to lay you down, but I took some posties of our adventure together. I was really enjoying the one on one session we had when you just layed there like a dead man and took it. But then when my precious pretties showed up a second and third time for a little foursome, that really hardened my resolve. Just remember that cute boys club misses you with all the big kisses too.

Here's you running away from me in Kun Lai. That mountain air really got the blood pumping.

Here's us on our little chase all the way over in the Jade Forest. You really liked the way those trees thrust up through the soft, moist ground.

I took this one in Krassarang(10 minutes of flight later) just because it reminds me of your eyes.
youngbizzle confirmed for boykisser
yung bizzle done gone popped the glock on you
Come back any time for more boykisser achievements. cute boys club takes care of you.
10/13/2012 01:23 AMPosted by Pizzacats
Come back any time for more boykisser achievements. cute boys club takes care of you.

You guys are cute.
10/13/2012 03:56 AMPosted by Yøùñgßîzzle
You lost 2v1
You died 3 times and I died 0 times, how did I lose? The mage started randomly attacking you, died after 20 seconds, and I killed you myself. I called in my pouty prince posse after you ressurected so they could plant their puckers on you a couple of times. Then you ran all over the map for 15 minutes refusing to land while I was the only one following you. Your parents lose.
They heard you were a fresh little apple dumpling and wanted in on the parade. I'm still not sure why you ran away from my love for 15 minutes straight that night. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. I love the use of the goblin glider, by the way. It's a pro boy kisser move when you've taken on too lucious of a boys lips to service yourself, so you have to pop an escape and run away. I know you'll be coming back to me someday, precious.
What I imagine what pizzacats looks and sounds like http://static.tvtome.com/images/processed/mini_viewer/c2/41/375821.jpg


Bizzles face

How I think everyone else looks like in this thread
10/13/2012 01:23 AMPosted by Pizzacats
Come back any time for more boykisser achievements. cute boys club takes care of you.

Oh another food related named warrior.

the funniest part is that you tried to gank me while i was eating my dinner, and i dragged the fight out long enough to let my petunias get there before you ressurected. you're in full pvp gear and you got your !@# whooped by a person who kisses the prettiest boys 24/7. its a shame, because i read all this big talk on the forum and thought you'd be a $%^-*!
cant tell if graduated high school or not
What happens when bizzle meets his match in asinine posts?..lets sit back and watch

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