Weekend Morning group LF tank

**Casually Serious** is a 10-man adult raiding guild seeking quality players.

**About Us
Our guild has been around since August 2010 and was formally located on Suramar. All of our core raiders have 5+ years of experience on wow. Additionally we have players that have been gaming in serious MMO's since Everquest 1. Our continued aim is to build up a sustained drama-free guild, a home for mature people who are busy with real life commitments but want to enjoy the end-game contents in dedicated, collaborative and progressive manner.

We're a level 25 guild and provide free raid flasks, food and daily g repairs.

We have two strong teams:

*** Raid times are Thurs nights 6 pm-12 pm Server time (NOTE: This team only raids one day a week, as such we require 100% attendance)

Saturday & Sunday Mornings 7am-10 am Server time.

***Needs: Our Thursday team is currently full. Weekend team is in need of a tank. **Preferably a Druid, DK, or pally. (Yes in that order) If you carry an OS that is a huge plus.

If you are not a tank and somehow stumbled across this lovely post, standby applicants are always welcome and we often recruit our cores from our pool of standbys.

We don't hold elitist attitudes but do appreciate players who rank, know their clases, excel at their jobs in raids and who also understand the value of team work to get things done. We believe player/skill/gear in that order. While we don't mind gearing toons we do expect them to be at the best they can in their particular situation. Quality players shouldn't need to be directed in such areas. As such we won't carry anyone.

If you feel you might be a good fit for our guild you can visit us online and apply:

Edit : Now looking for solid DPS.

Hunter/spriest open
Interesting schedules, what sort of progression do these groups have? Any possibility for that thurs group to expand other days? Any interest in doing an evening weekend or weekday groups? How might a monk look in your progression over a druid or paladin?
Edit: Now need a resto or gaurdian druid!!

Our thursday group progresses really well. They are 1/6 H MsV and 2/6 HoF -close on Garalon from what I'm told.Weekend team is a bit more casual but we normally catch up to our other team after about a week or so. Only problem progressing we haven't had a 'core'. That is why the recruitment ;)

I don't think any of their schedules mesh well enough to do them multiple times a week, though I do know occasionally they will go on a weds or a friday instead of a thursday if one can't make it thursday.

Same goes for the weekend team, schedules just don't mesh to do other days even if same times.

We prefer a druid for the symbosis cd (at least one tranq for spriest) because our healer cds suck xD Though to be honest don't know much about monk tanks. If you want feel free to apply =)
11/01/2012 04:05 PMPosted by Avianchi
Any possibility for that thurs group to expand other days?

Nope. We've been one day a week for a while and it has worked for us. Our Thursday team is not currently recruiting.

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