WTB Feldrake + Alani Mount(Bought Alani)

I am searching for this mount. It's value varies a lot. I've seen them at 150$ so I am looking to spend around there roughly. I am more then willing to offer caged pets along with gold to cut the cost. The price of the caged pets shall be removed from the 150 price range I am aiming. I literally hae 4 bank tabs full of all kinds of pets rare to common. If you are interested in selling a drake in this fashion please message here. I will check it often. You won't find me in game for awhile.

I am also searching for an Alani mount (the rare in vale flying around) I firmly believe the kid trying to get 800 k for it is smoking the finest of crack so I saying it now, no I am not paying that. I had someone who was going to sell me it for 150k but he is from what I see unable to put time into the farming due to raids. I am unwilling to negotiate this price. However if you feel the need to troll or insult me there's a few shifty guild threads I suggest you hit first! Again If you are interested in selling an Alani or farming it, message here.

Thanks for the time! Also busybee yer a fathead <3
you would be willing to spend 150 dollars on a mount............
Well what I ment is gold but I'm on a stupid phone so I have a little trouble with responses lol
i have a feldrake TCG that i just pulled today(unscratched)
War do you want to talk price? I'm interested for sure my computer is in the shop ill Monday and the new laptop isn't set up yet, if you want to chat throw a Skype message at me well finalize over in game chat if you are okay with that. Xeasa.teepz
Add away busy lol I don't mind you or figure if he wants! Also screw you! I'm back mo or tues with double the computer!!
yea we can talk price getting !@#$ offers so far xD
Trying to catch you online. Havent seen you. Still interested in the fel drake. Lemmek now or catch me online or something.

Also alani has been bought 150k from a lovely monk in vale :) ty sir I forgot your name. Now to grind that rep.
Never heard back from wargasm. Seeking a fel drake still
I am unable to transfer to another server and buy this mount I'm afraid =[
Got my last dragon for 85k! Ty all that posted :)
10/21/2012 10:07 PMPosted by Figurexo
nexica i miss you so much bbygrl, when can we RP in dalaran again?

-.- Damnit figure stop being weird

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