Hpal healing rotation

I leveled as prot 1-55 but I wanna switch to holy pally. Mostly for PvP heals, but I'll level as PvE heals. Can someone break down both healing rotations (PvP and PvE)
I really only need to know PvE heals for 55-89, cause I'll level through healing dungeons and once I hit 90 I'll PvP heal. I tried to heal a 55 dungeon without just being a retard and spamming flash of light, but I let the group down and we wiped /lol. As a priest, leveling I could just pop a renew, maybe a bubble, and a heal or greater heal, more if needed. I feel the hpal rotation is more complex, or if anything just less simple.

edit: please recommend glyphs for both situations. talentd would be nice too.
Hard to really have a healing rotation. Keep Holy Shock in CD; Always have the tank Beacond. Get in the habit of healing someone who isn't the tank with Holy Light since Beacon will transfer it to him. When you proc a "Quick Heal" I usually try to milk it a bit and then Divine Light the tank when he's ~50%. I usually keep Divine Plea close to on CD (But this is at heroic levels, to never stop.)

Holy Light is your "spam" ability. Doesn't heal for much, but is your filler. Priests Heal.
Divine Light is your long-cast huge heal, pretty mana inefficient but does huge numbers. Priests Greater Heal
Flash of Light is your quick-bursty heal. Will run you OOM quickly. Priests Flash Heal.

Holy Shock is nice healing, and very low mana so we use it on CD. S'about it. once ya get good work in CDs like Hand of Sacrifice. I use this constantly. Devotion Aura is also a nice CD when magic damage is going out.

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