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Emerald Dream
Greetings raiders,

We are looking to fill out a bunch of spots on our 25 man team. There is room for any role within the dps ranks, we need 2 melee dps with tanking offspec for comp/strat needs, and we are looking for a Monk and a Shaman for healing.

We provide flasks and repairs but givin the current food situation with self buff food being better than the feasts we suggest you bring your own food for buffing.

The schedule is Tues/Thurs from 9pm to midnight server (central).

We use KSK (Konsfer suicide kings) for our loot system with a decay for non attendance.

As pre usual the general guidelines for the team, much like everyone else, is to come to raid on time repaired and ready for raid. Gems, enchants, reforges optimized. Bring enough potions for pre pots and encounter. Research each encounter as per your role.
We also use Mumble for our voice communication, our raiders must be able to hear at least but being able to speak is always terrific. We joke around a lot until it's time to make a pull then it's time to keep channels clear for communication.

We prefer to raid 25 man as many of us are a bit more old school and just like the format of the larger available raids. The team is named Moves Like Daggerd after one of our officers. I decided to sing him the Moves like Jagger song but remix it just a touch. One of our goals is to raid 3 weeks with a 1 week intermission in which we will allow our raiders to either take the week off, work on heroic raid content or challenge modes or participate in RBG/Arena teams.

Interested? There are lots of ways to contact us. I am available on twitter @Mike_Stopcast,
you can send me an in game mail, check out my thread in our gaming community forums http://forums.thegeekhole.net/showthread.php?707-Moves-Like-Daggerd , look for our guild with the in game recruitment tool and finally our guild website has an application tool www.violentapathy.com

Thank you for the read and hope to see you in raid soon.
Some spots still available. Room for 2 healers and some dps.
I'll actually be transferring to your server soon and faction, think I could fill a DPS spot for your group?

Wouldn't mind trying you guys out if so.
@Snickers drop us a line in game, put an app on the website, or contact us on twitter when the server/faction transfer goes through!

Just to elaborate on the OP, we are currently raiding 10m content while we build for 25s. Currently our progression level is 4/6 in Mogushan Vaults.

Need a tooooon of ranged DPS. Need a few good healers and a few good melee DPS. Tanking we have on lockdown at this point.

Great group of people, fun and helpful atmosphere.
bumpin it up
You guys really spark my interest. I've been in a guild following my leader around for some time because we're pretty good friends. However, when he decides to play is really hit or miss and our guild is practically dead. I've been DYING for a late night raiding guild like you guys appear to be. That being said, any room for a strong resto sham? If you can't reach me here I"d love to hear back from you in game! The name is Zechiu. :)
Yes, we do have room for a Resto Shaman. I'll find you in game if you have any further questions. You can find out about how the guild works at our guild site violentapathy.com and fill out an ap if you like otherwise we can do something more formal later. I'll add you to my friends list!
bump and gl.

Hopefully your 25m will come through fruition, i dont think the other guilds who tried to form one actually got theirs going.
Thanks Biooh, we are close. We still need some good ranged and for some reason we can't find mages or hunters.
I'm in need of a home...for raiding that is. But at the same time a friend of mine is wanting me.
@Mokrah you're welcome to sit down and chat with me or one of my officers to talk about our guild to see if it's a good fit for both of us.
Bump for a fun guild atmosphere. 25 man slotz open.
We've had some good luck with some terrific people joining our guild. Working out some consistancy spots for the two days a week we raid. We need skilled players who can meet the schedule without fault.
Still need some solid people.
Recruiting is hard. This post won't seem to go away I know.
I'm really looking for a couple of plate dps a warrior in particular and maybe a Ret paladin a mage as well possibly two.

Where the hell are all the mages anyways? We've gone through a few of them who are either terrible or just can't figure out how to get into mumble. Seriously, how hard is that? You couldn't swing a dead cat around without hitting one in Cata.

9-midnight server Tuesdays and Thursdays

If I don't say it before next week, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Bumping to spread holiday cheer. Still need some ranged DPS. Could definitely use a few mages. Boomkin and shadow priests welcome as well. Did I mention mages?

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!
Raid night is coming up! Still have a few spots for ranged DPS! Hit me or Ryar up in game!

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