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Emerald Dream
Keep fighting the good fight!

/2 Podcast 4 life!
Hail VA -

How is the recruitment going for your 25mans?

I have been eying a transfer to Emerald Dream for some time now.

They're consistently downing bosses in 25's now. Heart of Swarm bosses as well I heard.

Free bump and NEENER cause raid times that start at 10pmest are crazy, so I won't ever get to raid with yas!
Like Ryar said, they started out in 10's for the first few weeks. This was because he was giving everyone a month to get ready and gear up before starting 25's. Some folks were ready before the set time he put for starting 25's, so they did 10's in the mean time, killing a couple bosses here and there the first few weeks.

Not sure why I'm even posting this, maybe because I want them to succeed. Maybe not. Who knows. :-)
You know it's a happening server when something from 3 days ago is on page 3.

Server I'm currently on has stuff that was last posted, three days ago, on the first page lol

Lazy Bastages!
We are in the market for a skilled Frost DK, Fury Warrior, and a talented Holy Paladin for our team.
Talk to Ryar or Daggerdsan in game or apply on our website www.violentapathy.com
We would ask you expect a trial run with us before you are granted an invitation.
We are 6/6 msv 1/6 hof in 25 man. We focused largely on sticking on track with progression in MSV before diving into HoF. We are not pushing hard modes but do have high expectations for our roster members to perform appropriately.
An ilvl of about 478-480 is preferred for raiding with us, that's pretty easily atainable.
We started off a little slow but have made some roster changes to put ourselves in a better position to progress quickly. Filling a couple of hinge positions is the next step in solidifying progress.
We are an adult guild, we swear and stuff.
Up for visibility for serious inquiries.
Good luck to yah, have a bump.
As a new member who transferred to ED to join Violent Apathy and become a part of their community, I must say they have far exceeded my expectations all around.

We are very close to solidifying our 25man for the upcoming 5.2 patch.

Get in now with a superb group of people and a great community that enjoy everything the game has to offer.

Oh and Ryar hosts an awesome podcast about WoW and random life stuff....some hilariousness going on there. http://www.stopcast.net/

Hit us up with any questions.....we don't bite.....hard.
Another 25-man Alliance guild? Awesome, we definitely need more of us. Sincere good luck and best wishes to you.
Impressive.....most impressive.
01/29/2013 01:25 AMPosted by Flashheart
Another 25-man Alliance guild? Awesome, we definitely need more of us. Sincere good luck and best wishes to you.

Many thanks, you too. Yeah we love the 25mans.

We are definitely more casual than Absolute for example as we only raid 2 nights week for 3 hours at a time.

Many in our guild are older, married, in serious career mode and have babies screaming in background and definitely talk durty in mumble ....only when our wives are listening ;P

In other words, we rock.....check us out if you want to raid a more casual schedule but with serious focused raiding when we do get together to attack bosses.

Some select spots still open as we prepare for 5.2
Still looking for select players:

RDPS - hunter, mage, boomkin or warlock

MDPS - warrior, DK or ret/enh shaman

Chanriel/Geruchan #1

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