2H vs Dual Wield Windwalker

Just started leveling a Panda Monk with my friend (having a lot of fun thus far). He is Brewmaster and I'm Windwalker. Now I understand that dual wielding is better than 2H for us (i think). But should I use:

Aspirant's Staff of Grace or

Deadmines Cleaver with Blackwater Cutlass

I've never really played a dual wielding character so I don't know if one 2H with higher DPS is better then two 1h with lower DPS. Hopefully dual wielding is the better option cause I just spent 50g on each of those one handers.

Do the dual wielding
You can look at your total damage within your character tab and see which gives the most damage per second the staff or dual wielding and make a choice there.
DW is stronger unless your 2h is notable stronger and higher in ilvl. This is due to the fact you can't balance + damage and + haste. DW scales with AP better and 2h for monks unless buffed will be nonviable by next tier.
Once you hit 80 you will be dual wielding for a bit (trust me on this one - I'll leave it as a surprise for you why) but otherwise as stated look at the DPS difference when you dual vs 2H. I like DW personally.
I don't see any reason to DW if you are not going to use enchants on both weapons. Two hander hits harder, DW gives double procs.
You're level 20. The choices aren't that important. Spend less time posting the forums, and more time leveling!
Simple answer: for leveling 2h is better because it's easier to keep a 2h up to date than 2 1hs. The dps differences are barely noticeable even at 90. Though DW is more fun and you look cooler (who doesn't like attacking fast and wielding sick !@# claws?).
It sounds quite reasonable to worry about a 2h weapon instead of two 1h weapons since decent weapons do not drop frequently. This helps my decision tremendously, thanks.
Late to the party as always with a slightly-different answer: it depends on your server. High-pop servers have lots of choices in the AH. Low-pop servers have nothing in the AH, or an AH where level 10 greens are on offer for 1,500G apiece so you need to pick your quests carefully or never leave the dungeons. So your choices, like many things in Azeroth as in that other place (real life) are a function of what's available.

All things considered, the dungeons have a more-interesting tempo, except for all the other people on your team. That's a function of what's available. Remember what Jean-Paul Sartre said: "Hell is just other players."
Ive been wondering the same exact question. While leveling however, it seems to me that it makes little difference,.the dps difference between the two choices (as a windwalker monk) seem small to me in gameplay. On a Frost DK, I absolutely roll with dual wield, and the difference for frost dk's is in fact noticeable,..but for monks (windwalker),,,seems to me that the differences are small enough that it becomes more a question of "visual preference" (i think dual wield looks cool,,and the graphic display of the speed of your attacks visually, can be frustrating to newbie opponents in pvp bg's,.it just looks like your smashing their face twice as fast,..dps wise however,.the 2H wpn might do slightly more dmg overall,,,but the value seems small enough to neglect if u just like the appearance to dual wield)

Also,.its nice to be able to add two enchants to your weapons (1 each),.instead of a single enchant on a single 2H wpn.
However,..by the time you level-cap,.you may prefer the single 2H wpn.

That being said,..if you enjoy dual wield,,continue to do so until you level cap. Once you do that,.you'll be remodeling your toon anyhow,.you can revisit this question at that point.
Until then,.my vote is DUAL WIELD
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Did I do it right Titus?
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Did I do it right Titus?


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