Monks vanishing. Weakest class ever?

There were thousands of monks running around. There disappearing. Everyone I know that got a monk to max level and geared rerolled. Which is a few dozen or so. I don't see them anymore. Everyone I ask says there weak, or a waste/wasted time. Anything on the horizon for my monk friends ?
I'm gonna go with more so that people don't know what they're doing on their monks as they've only started playing them for a week.
Got one shoot by Monk in BG. Rising Sun Kick 72k crit, then Touch Of Death 414k dmg!
I think that would be the easy way out. Now with that said I play with high end pvpers who have been 2200+ every season. That doesn't mean anything really, but is worth noting. So they have a solid idea on mechanics and abilities to use in spontaneous situations as they arise , and how to utilize abilities to benefit said situations. I think it's more then just a learning curve at this point.
ToD can only be used when your less then 10% from what I understand. Warriors have the same ability, execute.
Well some of the people that rolled monks expected to be op like s5 dks
True. Maybe blizzard learned from s5 dk's. and instead of releasing monks op, they released them as the weakest class ever. So when they buff them no one will complain, or wish they rolled a monk because there so op.

Edit :
But they still need something done with that said.
10/12/2012 04:54 AMPosted by Bebherlan
ToD can only be used when your less then 10% from what I understand. Warriors have the same ability, execute.

Yeah, I just learned that. All classes have execute type thing, but at 20%. I just re-specced my warlock with Grimore sacrifice and Soul Link and I had 420k HP buffed, which is about 50k more than before. That also means I'm entering execute phase earlier with higher HP, so last time I checked my health it was about 100k, so I was about to pop Dark regen when suddenly bum! you died and the last number rolling on my screen was 414k dmg. So it was weird.
It works great on tanks too, especially blood dk's that pretend they're more than just an annoyance in PvP, lol 515k ToD!

Overall my monk has great potential but as gear increases things get more and more clunky, and in PvP between all of the limited range abilities that are foiled by lag nearly every other time and other PvP complaints you can see in nearly every thread, its not wanting a S5 DK, its wanting a fully functional class, that of which we got about three-fourths of.
Healing is great though. Silence me? I'll just whack you.
I'm loving my Monk in the BG's, but not so much in the arena TBH.

The biggest issue I have right now is that when forced to heal through burst I can't properly use our mana -> chi -mana cycle because I am crapping my pants spamming Soothing Mist/Surging Mist on a target getting nearly globaled by Warrior(s) or BG Hunter(s) and just run OOM too fast.

I'm finding that our toolkit is amazing, but not as practical as some other classes since most of our CC is melee range. Yay for chasing a Resto Druid (or, rather overrolling a Resto Druid), trying to get a Spear Hand Strike on them.

Leg Sweep is a fairly lame CC since the range is broken (lag misses, so I need to use it AFTER I've used something to hold them still), and I usually get an "out of range" message while spamming Disable on a target whose leg I am humping.
I don't think they wanted to be s5 dks. I think they just wanted something new to bring them back to the game and to be decent. Not the worst clas of all time in all areas in pvp. The most pathetic fail on wow class history. That's all........
Monks are terrible. I rolled a DK at 1am the night they released. I don't want to be a season 5 DK. There were also two versions of season 5 DKs. The one that sucked the first half of season 5 or the one that was god mode the last 8 weeks of season 5. Which are you talking about?

Monks have a bunch of abilities that flat out do not work well, and are unreliable making them fodder in competitive pvp when being able to rely on your abilities is everything.

There are tuning issues with the class but those are not why the class is bad.

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