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I've actually came back to WoW to get back into roleplaying again, but I've had some troubles finding RP guilds that I wanted to look for, even RP sessions. I am only looking for Alliance btw. :'/

Like I visited Moon Guard, but it had a lot of eRPers and also people just told me to leave the server if I wanted to find an actual good RP guilds, and suggested me to go to Wyrmrest Accord. So I did, but I later realized that the WA server didn't have one guild related genre I was looking for really.

I tried looking at Argent Dawn, Cenarion Circle and Silver Hand - they seemed like their RP community was dead.

The type of guild I am looking for is:
-Holy/Light Crusade based guild
-Heavy RP active, at least especially events
-Good-Alignment nothing too overzealous, filled with priests, monks (when I say monks - players can play monks but follow the church ideals), paladins, and warriors who follow the light (kind of guardian paladins that doesn't use holy light powers)

Most guilds I saw were all bandits, and smugglers, cults or even just merchant style of RP guilds. And when they were all holy-related guild, it's just high level restricted or even paladin only restricted.

I would make my own guild and have people join, but I barely know anyone in this game anymore. So please give me some choices to fill in. thank you.
I'm in the same boat except I want a tribal sort of RP on the Horde side. I still can't decide Tauren or Orc though, however. I also have no idea how much people are willing to RP, and it just seems like overall the community as a lot smaller than it used to be, or just straight cybering. Don't even dignify it with erp, because it isn't erotic roleplaying it's just straight dumbass cybering.
Where where you looking? Did you try asking and looking for rp in trade/general or the guild finder? If so, you definitely aren't going to find anything. Try going to the realm forums and asking there.

Moon Guard really is a good realm for RP if you stay out of Goldshire. I'd strongly suggest going to their forums and asking about the kind of guild you'd like.

Wyrmrest is pretty great as well. You should ask in their forums and also visit http://wyrmrestaccord.org/ which has a section for making rp connections and friends.

Cenarion Circle actually does have an active community, but RP is pretty much all in guilds and events. Make a character on CC, and /join allianceooc. Tell them you are new and what you're looking for. They're super friendly and helpful. Post on their forums too. There's also a site here: http://cenarioncircle.org/

Another active server is Earthen Ring. It's like Cenarion Circle as it's heavily guild/event driven. /join forthealliance and ask for advice there. However, almost all the rp you'll find is going to be up on their site. http://earthenring.net/ Really, the entire server revolves around it.

Also, most guilds are going to ask you be 10, 15, or 20ish before joining. But that doesn't mean you can't express your interest before you hit that level. Ask to RP with some members or talk to an office about your interest in joining when you hit that cap. It really doesn't take to long to get there anymore. Leveling is super fast nowadays, even without boas.

I wish I could have given you more specifics, but I'm a little out of the loop at the moment. Hope some of that helped!
The lack of Light based good character type guilds is very sad. I myself could get into such very easily. I suggest Cenarion Circle because I think they have some good rp guilds. and by all means check the realm forums. Ask and you will get some responses.
I'm kind of surprised you didn't find a guild on WrA suiting what you wanted. There's a truck load of guilds on WrA with that exact theme. In fact, behind Military guilds that is probably the most popular theme on the Alli side.
I can't give you an exact name, but I have seen tons, and tons of ads in general and trade looking for Paladins, Priests, and whatever else that wants to serve the light, for their numbers.

The reason for a guild having a level restriction in RP is probably for a required uniform, like the Stormwind Guard guilds, or for legitimately themed guild RP in certain places that require you to be rather high so you don't get eaten by the mobs surrounding.
I remember back in Vanilla, Earthen Ring was pretty decent. I loved it. I don't see much of RP nowadays, except for ERP in Goldshire on Moonguard of course.
You can check out Earthen Ring's RP community at earthenring.net
Thunderhoof Clan is an all-tauren guild on The Venture Co. server (PVP/RP)

As a guild we are light to medium RP, but have a couple of heavier role players in our ranks. We have alliances with other RP/pvp guilds so there is plenty of opportunity. One of those guilds is Blacktooth Grin, a military-style guild you may also be interested in checking out if the tauren lifestyle gets too laid back for ya.

or google "tauren guild"
I've been RPing for 8 years, Cenarion Circle my original server.

Really you seem to have some very specific desires that come off as a little unreasonable considering how much of an afterthought RP is in this game.

If you want the quintessential RP server experience, Moonguard or Wyrmrest Accord are really your only option. On these servers you will see people transmogged in lore centric outfits all over the place and people with My Roleplay (the add on) descriptions overflowing compared to the other servers.

You can find dozens of people RPing in the cities and hot spots at peak hours. The servers still have plenty of non RPers, but they also have tons of people who do.

You won't see that on the other RP servers.

I suggest you create the kind of RP guild you want on those servers and see if you can find others to join you.

Or if you want to find a cozy well established RP community, Cenarion Circle is a great place for that. The server is 99% non roleplay community, but the forum and the global RP channels are used a lot. And there are a number of regularly scheduled RP events every week there.

The other RP servers all seem to be in the same boat, some more than others.
Not really all that helpful to the OP, but Feathermoon Horde side is pretty much dead except for a few rather inaccessible private groups.

Apparently it's huge on the Alliance side but I don't really know anything about that.

It also depends on what kind of RP you want... structured? Improv? Public? Private? Do you want to be a major lore character's love child, or a simple soldier? A good realm is one where you can find such a group... realm forums it is.

On some servers the Blue Recluse in Stormwind is a good place for pick-up RP.
I am also looking for a realm to transfer an alt to. TBH, I started on WA, but was boo'd out because I wanted to be an undead holy priest. I am willing to give the server a second chance, unless there is a better RP server out there? My alt is gonna be a lowish level shaman.
After some time on WrA I came to dislike it so much that my ignore list is filling fast. I do not recommend it. It used to be a decent server about 2 years ago, but now the good folks are here and there but overall it has become a nasty community . Im looking into moving to another server, I wish I could go to an european server, Id love to be around civilized people >.<
Rp wise you got those who grief at rp being on an rp server and those who "know whats best for you" .
I confess that the nicest people I met on WrA were aussies and canadians.
Too bad that there is no RP server on wow americas unless it is on the US.
I been in the same situation, wanting a decent server for both RP and PVP and preferentially a server with more adults and less drama.
I just need to find a better server and then Ill move my 11 characters all over!
check out The Venture Co. (PVP/RP)

A good solid community.

Plus we have an all-tauren guild with a 5+ year history!

What's not to like?
I just like to play in character. Shame there isnt alot of public RP anymore. Griefers have pretty much killed it.

Any decent guilds out there that like to just play in character and not get too dramatic?
I'm just here for the food.

*raids refrigerator*

Oh and don't go to Goldshire, but Moon Guard is still good for RP.

*Leaves out the window with all your food.*
Some people really need to learn about confirmation bias it seems.
10/12/2012 07:51 AMPosted by Mogulkan
I'm in the same boat except I want a tribal sort of RP on the Horde side. I still can't decide Tauren or Orc though, however. I also have no idea how much people are willing to RP, and it just seems like overall the community as a lot smaller than it used to be, or just straight cybering. Don't even dignify it with erp, because it isn't erotic roleplaying it's just straight dumbass cybering.

Check out Emerald Dream (RPPVP). There's <Clan Stormfist> which is all orc, heavy RP. My guild <Gorehowl Warband> is all races (though BE and UD are frowned upon), basically more of a mercenary group with heavy emphasis on orc RP. There's also <Earthspear Clan> which is mostly Tauren-centric RP and <Gorwatha Warband> is mostly Troll RP.


check out The Venture Co. (PVP/RP)
A good solid community.
Plus we have an all-tauren guild with a 5+ year history!
What's not to like?

I support this as well. My Paladin was a member of <Thunderhoof clan> and it was one of the most memorable, fun guilds I've ever experienced.
I've kinda given up on WoW RP. It's just become rather monotonous lately. I remember the crazy events during vanilla, and innovation like people opening taverns, entire political structures, world RP etc... Lately it's like one spot just chat it up the end. Then again I haven't really played Alliance since early Burning Crusade. Started playing Horde during Burning Crusade too. It was fun at first though, i remember my first experience was my crazy BE Mage yucking it up with an insane Undead Street Preacher outside UC. But after that it devolved into the Nobel Houses schtick, and exclusive old Horde/anti elf Tribalism. Then Alliance side it would just be people talking in the park about... Not much. Same old goings on Lore wise.

Then you get guild blocked on both sides with the elitist types. I love RP but I also like to play the game and I find for me, since I am a casual player to get any sort of decent RP these days I need to put in as much if not more effort into roleplaying than actually playing the game. I did attempt to create a guild that would RP all the time, in dungeons, questing etc... It was kinda fun, but didn't really catch on. Not many people like mixing the game with RP, and that brick wall between game mechanics and RP has always been a turn off. It wasn't there very early in vanilla, but it grew over time to the point it's pretty much an unwritten rule. RP in cities, not when out doing stuff.

I dunno I haven't been on all the servers, but I find myself just playing for the sake of playing lately. I do occasionally check out RP servers looking for something interesting. Who knows maybe I'll get into RP again one day in this game? For now though it just doesn't seem to have the magic it used to. Sorry for the QQ thread. More power to those of you who still RP. I do love RP, I just need to get reinvigorated to do it again. I likely will one day again.
Join Earthen Ring, its a really good stable community and such
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