Which RP server is good?

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Hey, if you're looking for a Light, Faith-based guild, I'd strongly recommend Faith and Honor on Wyrmrest Accord!


I used to be part of it, but, um. Social anxiety kinda got the best of me.

Another option, and one I am pursuing for now, is just rping your character as your character- Dyna's stuffy and interacts with the world with all of her morals and faith as a bulwark against the stuff tha thappens.

Best of luck to you!
I don't know about the guilds on other RP servers, but Cenarion Circle has four light-based guilds on Alliance-side that might interest you. The only one I know that intimately is Pia Presidium, which is a militaristic order sworn to the Church of the Light. We do have some druids, mages, etc and the occasional Death Knight looking for redemption (though we do not accept warlocks at all).
We did have a lull in RP in our guild when MoP released, but we're ramping up RP again.
On the whole, our server's RP community is fantastic, if you roll on server join the channels (/allianceooc and /hordeooc depending on which faction you're in!) and they'll get you pointed in the right direction. As someone said earlier, RP on our server is a lot of guild and event based RP, but there's some of us trying to get walk-up and random RP going stronger. (Course, we've been trying for a while. :P)

The other guilds to look into on our server are Terra Incognita, Heart of the Naaru, and Holy Rose Monastery (or Monastery of the Holy Rose? Or something... it's some combination of the words monastery, holy, and rose, I promise! :P) -- I RP with members of all of those guilds but I don't know what their membership is composed of class-wise or their requirements for joining.

((Sidenote: You should look into those other guilds, but Pia's the best. I'm not biased at all, I promise. :P))
Moon Guard has so many light-based guilds that I actually find it rather tiresome.
All Alliance.
If you like "Roleplay" i have one sentence to sum it up for you but it's creepy. Lion's pride inn on the Moonguard sever. "throws up in mouth
Goldshire has been that way for years and it's never stopped me from having the best RP I've ever had. Period.

Goldshire comments are annoying and tiring, just like making fun of Blood Elves is also over done.

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