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Currently looking for a guild that is similar to my progression, I had made this post a few weeks ago on an alt, but had ended up in a very bad guild upon transferring, so I understand seeing my E-Mail out there again looks terrible, I do apologize.

Looking for a guild that starts raiding by [11 EST] [10 CST] [9 MST] [8 PST], but any after those times work too.
Currently looking for a Horde Guild.

I'm a very aware player and I have a desire to make a great impression wherever I go. I have logs if you want them as well :)If you're still reading, or just posted your Copy/Paste as soon as you entered here is my info.


Naxxaramas 25: Cleared
Malygos 25: Cleared
OS3D25: Cleared [Realm First]
Ulduar 10: Cleared [Drake] [Algalon]
Ulduar 25: Cleared [Yogg+0] [Algalon] [Drake]
Onyxia 10: Cleared
Onyxia 25: Cleared
ToGC 10: 4/5 [Cleared Normal]
ToGC 25: 5/5 [Cleared Normal]
ICC 10: 12/12 Heroic [Normal Cleared]
ICC 25: 12/12 [Non LoD Realm] [Realm First Rank]
Heroic Ruby Sanctum 25: Cleared [Realm First: Normal]

Blackwing Descent: 6/6 [Normal] 5/6 [Heroic 25]
Bastion Of Twilight: 4/4 [Normal] 5/5 [Heroic 25]
Throne Of The Four Winds: 2/2 [Normal] 2/2 [Heroic 25]
Firelands: 7/7 [Normal] 7/7 [Heroic 10] [4 Bosses From Legendary]
Dragon Soul: 8/8 [Normal] 8/8 Heroic [Realm First: Heroic Madness]

ForgottenFX is a Semi-Hardcore, yet serious 10 Man raiding guild on Area 52 Horde (PvE EST Server)

We are currently recruiting the following

Restoration Druid
Holy Priest
Affliction Warlock OR Hunter
Blood Death Knight
Restoration Shaman
Elemental Shaman
Mistweaver Monk

The group is run by top end leadership that were 8/8HM DS and have over 12 years comprehensive raid leading experience combined. Raid times are 11:15PM to 2:30AM Server time (EST) Tues, Wed, Thurs. We will be tearing through content and would love to have you with us if you are like-minded experienced players.

All recruits are for full time positions, not bench warmers.

Please contact me at Battletag - Khadaj#1485 or RealID - punkbat@email.com

Thank you for your interest.
Hey, 4/6MV 10 man guild LF 1 range dps to fill a core spot with in our raid team.

We are based on the Oceanic server at Khaz'goroth realm.

Our raid times: Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm server time AEST(Australian eastern standard timezone). We do have players that are from U.S, when they raid it is fri/sat 8pm-12am. If interested please make sure to make a toon on our server to be 100% sure what your raid times will be.

For more info add me on RL ID: Rosefever23@hotmail.com
or visit our website at: www.wipesforsale.com to apply.


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