bug: battle pet tamers eastern kingdoms quest

Bug Report
David Kosse is not there, but the chat bubble is on my mini map, others are having the same issue. He is supposed to be in the hinterlands
I'm having this trouble too. Would like to know what's happening.
I am also having this problem as well. I can not battle any of the others in this quest line either, they appear where they are supposed to and have the bubble over their heads, but when I talk to them they do not give me the option to battle them.
Bugged for me too.
i was having the same problem when i looked for him i finally found him farther east then the area placed on my map he was there just in the wrong spot hope this helps you guys
11/18/2012 12:24 AMPosted by Kleopaktra
Bugged for me too.

The location on the map? (which still hasn't been fixed from beta)
...or the ability to talk to the trainers?

If you're looking for David Kosse, he's just south-east of the fork in the road below Stormfeather outpost.
Same problem - when the main map is open a dialog bubble shows on the Minimap, but when the Main map is closed it poofs.

Anyhow, as noted he's down the road from the map marker - @ 62, 54
I just did Kortas Darkhammer and didn't get credit for it.
Fixed it. Closed down the game and restarted.

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