LF PvP/RBG Guild for Ret Pally/Holy Pally


My wife and I are looking for a PvP guild. We do BGs regularly, and love RBGs. This is a re-roll toon from Blackhand, early Cata I got Stone Guard on an ele shaman before quitting wow for a while.

My wife is a holy pally (spaceghst). We're both in full dreadful/malevolent gear (except weapons of course).

Hit me up if interested.
Hey man. I'd be interested in talking with you more, I'm always looking for a decent HPal, as well as melee DPS for RBGs/arena. My guild is level 25, and was originally a PvE oriented guild, but due to a change in management, it is going in my desired direction of having a PvP focus with a PvE sector.

I'd say a good 90% of our PvPers are experienced into the 2k+ brackets, and we have a winning record for RBGs as a guild, and even when I have to pug. We'd love to have you aboard, so feel free to shoot me a whisper in game, in-game mail, or just leave a comment on here.

Hope to hear from you soon!

bump id like to play with you guys to, im 1700CR been pugging like crazy monk FC 8k resil, let me know if you got room sorrow.

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