Tracking Quests Not Saved

Bug Report
Since the expansion new quests appear okay in the tracking window but might reset to untracked when login again later. Blizzard said they fixed it last year?

Why does tracking work on one account but not the other?
I have the problem with one account and never a problem with my other account. Both accounts are set up exactly the same so I can dual-box. I did the usual clear cache, remove addons, etc.

Why does it happen intermittently?
Sometimes logging in is okay. Very hard to pinpoint exactly when the problem occurs. Does not seem to matter when I accept the quest from the NPC, whether I do any quest objectives, when I logoff or afk, or which toon I log in with.

Why does tracking old quests work when I force them to track?
Old quests that I forced to track in the quest log are always okay when I login. New quests and old quests use the same AddQuestWatch() api in your QuestLogFrame.lua. So where can the difference be?
For me it's all about not being listed at all in one's on-screen objectives. Open the quest book, boom and uncompleted quests IS in there, but it's just not listed when the quest book is closed. Not all the time, but it does happen... so I think I may have cleared all my quests but NOOOOO.

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