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I've had an authenticator for a long time. Suddenly, I can log into my account without being prompted for my authenticator code...yet I still needed my code in order to log into these forums! Where's my account security at???
If you're logging in from a location that the system recognises as yours it will no longer prompt you for a code - its been this way for quite a while. You can toggle it to ask for your authenticator every time through Account Management.
They changed the security to learn your log in habits, if they change you are prompted

I do get prompts for codes about once a week
For quite a while now, if the system is 100% confident it is you that is logging in it will only prompt for an authenticator code once every week. If you wish to have it prompt each and every time, you will want to log into account management and change your security preferences so it asks at each login.
Once you log in using your Authenticator in-game, it will remember that location for one week. If you would like to be prompted for your authenticator each time, you can do so by visiting the Security section of your Account Management page.

As for the website, you can check an option that says "Remember this computer for 30 days," where it won't ask you for the authenticator when logging into that account for the forums only. Accessing Account Management will always require your authenticator.
I found that setting. Thanks for the replies. I didn't know about that change and I have been logging in multiple times every day from the same computer on the same IP for months. Why it decided to start trusting me now I don't know...but whatever. =)

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