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So here's the deal, I have Time Warner Cable internet. Since MoP came out there has been really high world-side latency for me (and many others who have posted). Somehow, this issue still exists nearly a month later.

When I log on it is primarily to pvp. However, this issue seems to be at it's absolute worst in BGs. In a situation where more than a couple tenths of a second of lag (a couple hundred ms of latency) means that you perform siginificantly worse, I have multiple full seconds of lag almost at all times. This is with a network that works great with anything else and worked great with WoW until MoP.

I have the annual pass, so I can't really cancel my account yet. That means Blizzard got my money for the annual pass, got my money for the expansion, and then is only holding up their end of the contract in the strictest of senses. Basically, they have my money and are returning a game; but one that is unplayable. I'm left feeling scammed right now.

I understand that this post won't fix anything, and we all know that I'll never see a dime of that money again, but I felt compelled to voice my frustration while I wait for the issue to be fixed or for my paid game time to run out.
Im getting the same issues, but I have AT&T uverse and i am playing on the Shadowmoon server. Most of the time when i get the lag, i can still move but when i click spells they wont cast, and everyone will be running in place or continually casting the spell they were when the lag hit them. PvP and battlegrounds are the worst, but dungeons can be right up there with it, ive had times where its lagged for a few mins after my team has already killed the boss, and im sitting there doing nothing, while theyve moved on.

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