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Will my reputation be reset if I faction and realm change at the same time? Specifically my reputation with The Golden Lotus, The Black prince or Wrathion, and Order of the cloud Serpent? Oh and the Kla'xxi as well?
No, the only reputations that will be impacted are those listed in the FAQ.


Other faction-specific reputations will be converted into their cross-faction equivalents (if one exists – if one does not, the reputation is lost). Neutral reputations will not be affected. Sunreavers and Silver Covenant reputation levels will be reset to Neutral.
Thanks a lot : )
10/12/2012 03:19 PMPosted by Gralmar
Thanks a lot : )

One word of warning, Gralmar. If you are using both services, I recommend initiating the combination service through the Character Transfer page.

Also, if the name of your character is taken on the destination realm, it will be flagged for a rename. Make sure you log the character into the game to select a new name. Do not use the Faction Change option to change the name. That doesn't remove the flagging so you'll end up needing to request additional assistance. :)

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