[A] <Portal> Recruiting players for MoP.

Greetings and thank you in advance for reading this thread.

I would like to introduce our guild!
<Portal> is a newly created guild seeking semi-casual players for MoP 10 man raid and general progression.
To keep things simple, here are a few of our focuses:
  • Enjoy the content of MoP!
  • See and progress through raids at a successful pace.
  • Form a group of like-minded, friendly, and dedicated players to raid and have fun with.

  • A history of the leaders:
    The GM (Wheresdouble) and I are experienced players of the game. We generally like to tag ourselves as "semi-casual"; meaning that we like to get things done, but we aren't too "hardcore" about it. As long as we're getting into raids and downing bosses (Perhaps attempting a few hardmodes), we're happy.
    We both began playing during Vanilla, but we did not start raiding until WOTLK. We were both avid raiders during the expansion and we take pride in knowing that we saw the entire expansion from start to finish.

    What we expect in potential members:
    We would appreciate finding other semi-casual and experienced players interested in raiding within the next week or few. As of now, we're really hoping to expand our roster; so this means that anybody will be considered-- even if you don't plan on raiding as extensively as somebody else and you just want to be social. Players who are looking to raid, or take a learning experience seriously will always welcomed (everybody starts somewhere!). Active members will always be appreciated, since leveling this guild will be a focus during the beginning.

    Raid times & activity:
    We plan to raid on Thursday and Friday nights, starting from 11:45 PM and ending at 2:00 AM, times correlating with server time. However, we are quite active before raid time as well. If being social or doing dungeons/heroics, scenarios, dailies, and etc. is your thing; the more the merrier!

    If you're interested in joining our ranks, please contact either Wheresdouble or myself via in-game mail or tell, or post in this thread! We look foward to getting members soon. =)
    Join us!
    Are you still recruiting and are your raid times still Thursday and Friday nights, 11:45 PM - 2:00 AM?

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