Too Many Dailies??

TLDR - What new innovations, systems and fun in Mists AREN'T daily-oriented? Is non-daily WoW now just old stuff like dungeons, scenarios, cheevs, raids, etc.? That's it?

I recently hit 90 on my hunter and I was so excited to 'start' the endgame. I had read so many articles about how this expansion is for everyone. "If you don't want to do an aspect of the game, you don't have to," writers have said. Some said they have no interest in pet battles or FarmVille and they loved that, since there was so much to do, they didn't have to do it. With so many options, no one has to do anything they don't want to since there are so many ways to get to endgame and advance, I've heard.

Well, since I hit 90, I am wondering if I missed something. You see, the thing in WoW I hate more than anything is a daily. But not just quests, any type of 24 hour lockout annoys me to the point I just don't want to participate at all in that aspect of the game. I thought in Mists we could do anything we wanted or didn't want to do without limitations… That's at least how the media made it seem in the last few months.

For example, I was super excited to hatch and grow my baby dragon. I got to the place in Jade Forest, did some quests, hatched by blue dragon and then…. blue exclamation points. I left immediately.

I loved Pet Battles and did them constantly. I was leveling up tons of pets my battling the tamers over and over again. I literally could not remember the last time I had so much fun in WoW. Then a hot fix made the tamers work 'correctly' to where you could only battle them… once a day. I immediately lost all interest in Pet Battles.

The idea of Farmville WoW style made me shake in my little space boots with excitement. I did the intro quest and was getting ready for a wonderful journey… Then it was all blue exclamations and 'come back tomorrows'.

Even with my professions. All the good things to do, like research new recipes with my Jewelcrafter, are on once a day cool downs.

IRL, I go to work, am given a list of mostly the same things to do every day with some variations, then I go home and want to escape on WoW. This place where I can do things on my time, in this fantasy world where I can be a hero or a crafter or a farmer or a pet battler. However, when every system is artificially gated with 24hour CD's… the fantasy starts to diminish and I am just at work, doing my daily list of chores until the next day.

I can't be the first person to think this way. Every developer at Blizz can't have thought of these things and just not cared... They wouldn't be so bold as to give the finger to all of their customers who dislike dailies, right? I guess I am in denial that most (not all) of the new features in endgame are daily oriented...

Like I said, am I missing something, or is this expansion really the 'Dailies of Pandaria"? Are most of the new shiny features dailies (in some shape or form) and the only things I can do are the old standbys: level alts, cheevs, dungeons, raids, scenarios, etc?
I agree 100% with what you said here. Additionally, Blizzard took out the rep we only have 1 way to earn reputation...Dailys. I came back to WoW after being gone for a year because I really was getting sick of Cataclysm, and I find that Blizzard made the game worse...

Please fix this soon before I lose interest!
Yep, that is pretty much the way it is now...If heroics weren't 60vp for the 1st per week and then 30 after. But even if you do only heroics you will not be able to get the gear anyway. You MUST do dailies to get the rep to buy the vp gear.

Heroics might as well not give vp because there's no way to get the rep needed w/o dailies so "grind or quit" is the only option you have if you don't raid, and you want to improve your gear.
What pisses me off is they made dailies a requirement to get tokens for a chance at an extra loot roll (which btw tell you get tokens the new loot system blows). Then there's the fact you get jack **** for tokens tell you get revered with TGL then apparently you get more tokens, cause this is BS only getting 20 something tokens a day between TGL,Tillers,Anglers and Serpents when I need 90 lessers to turn into 3 greaters.

The ramp up time from neutral-revered for TGL is just ridiculous, then the dailies for serpents is just even worse along with getting onyx eggs....holy frack I thought nothing could be wrose than doing netherwing egg hunts back in BC but the serpent egg hunt/turn in is just awful, whoever had the idea to make something worse than the netherwing rep grind needs to get fired and exiled from doing anything in the gaming industry.

/end rant
I cannot possibly agree more with the OP. Actually I agree with every single poster prior to mine. I am so utterly disappointed with Mists. I could get past the uninteresting Pandaren, though I was originally excited about them. I just stick to the old races. I could get past all the talent and class changes. I relearned how to play my mage.
But I can't get past the dailies. Complete monotony. It feels so burdensome when I log in. If I want anything good at all in the game, I'm punished with rep grinds. What I can't understand is why. I watched Blizzcon last year and read about all the changes they wanted to make. Head enchants were removed and shoulder enchants became crafted all because they didn't want people to have to do endless rep grinds to get those items. And where are we now? In the same place, but worse. I'm sad that the game I loved has turned into this.
I know this doesn't fix a lot of the problems, but would be nice if you got working tabards for rep that you can use on alts once 1 character got exalted via dailies. Or something. Its rather annoying to not only do these on one toon but doing this x 3-4.
or have the tabards only go up to revered then have to do dailys to get exalted for the mounts just my two cents.
I agree with the OP 100%. I'm someone who enjoys the questing and doesn't really get into dungeons, PVP, and that kind of thing. I don't like repeating the same thing over and over, which is what those are. So I get to 90 with my rogue, and everywhere I go, blue !!!!!!!!!. I managed to get my Serpent mount, I have a full farm, and I'm trying to get my fishing rep up. But I'm bored to death. A good friend and guild member who I regularly group with for these only has a couple hours a day to play, and doesn't always have that. Every day we cycled between the serpent quests, fishing, and farming. By then her time is up and we don't get to anything else. Rarely we get a chance to farm mats or do a little work with professions. But the majority of the time is repeating the same quests.

That 24 hour wait in between is what the killer is. I might be able to stand spending a Saturday becoming exhalted with someone, but having to spend 3 weeks doing it every day is nuts. Just as the OP said, it feels like the FB games where you go on, click a few things, then have to come back tomorrow to continue. When I have limited time, I want to be able to control when I can do the quests. That might mean getting my rep up by grinding for 10 hours on a Saturday rather than 30 minutes a day for a few weeks.
Having to repeat the same quests over and over is annoying beyond belief. Not going to bother on my alts. I have my main crafters to at least 80 but at this point, not even really looking forward to 90 if it means I HAVE to do the dailies with all of them over and over to get the stupid patterns. Its just stupid. Rep should be boa, of course boa items should actually be account bound too but that hasn't happened yet either. :( Starting to wish I had never started this game with all the stupid grinding at 90. I pay to play. It should be fun. Its no longer fun with the required dailies. End of story. Those in raiding guilds or with tons of money are lucky. I'm not and not looking forward for my other alts to hit 90. I got one up to 86 and stopped because I realized I would have to grind her and for what? Something that I will be out of in a week at best... Seriously? the point of the game is for it to be fun. With the grinding; trying to do dungeons, raids or level alts is out of the question most days. I hate golden locus so much that I will never ever do that on another toon. I am NOT going to spend my time on something as unpleasant as MOP rep grinding for gear and patterns I need. I will quit before that happens and I would not be surprised if half the people stopped playing after the newness wears off. It is not fun any more. I have had a main at level cap since 4 days after it came out, got there by grinding quests with out any BOA gear or special exp increases like RAF. Still have not got the rep grind done. Ran LFR last night on her and got enough upgrades to make the stuff I spent weeks grinding for useless. Seriously? LFR tops what I wasted hours grinding for... Not asking for a hand out but would like to enjoy the end game again. Had I known that a year after I started playing the game would change to the point that it is a chore to even log on, I woulda never started playing. If I wanted to grind anything I would throw in final fantasy and play for free. Seriously... Grinding is for hard core and its not even worth it, muchless to do on an alt. Blizz will lose the people if the dailies don't go back to being optional and not a barrier to endgame content. Let us get the gear and patterns with out the grind of rep and as far as I am concerned, who ever came up with the idea of gating stuff behind golden lotus dailies, needs to pull their head out of their behind and find their brain because they are beyond stupid as those ones sucked from day one of doing them and have not improved. I hate that factions dailies more than any other I have ever encountered any where in the game and I have gone back and grinded some tediously annoying ones because I wanted the reward that wasn't going to disappear in a week and counted for all toons. It was one thing when dailies took 30 minutes like on TB but this is stupid. There are many days I have not bothered playing at all because I did not want to do the daily grind and logging in makes me feel I have to do them in order to try to catch up to the people that are way beyond my level at level 90 on my main because of the stupid dailies. I miss running dungeons, but why bother with those? I would prefer running dungeons with out the penalty too, like be able to run my 7 in one day instead of having to do it every day to get the valor. And where is the option to run non heroics for jp? I loved that, let me learn to tank on the off spec and now can't random that one at all now. Here's an idea, lets bring back cata cause this new game SUCKS!!! There was no reason to fix what wasn't broken. If people want to grind dailies at least give the choice with out penalizing those of us that don't. Not asking for a hand out here. Asking for what was not broken to be unfixed.
Just noticed how well thought-out some of these replies are, and I'm shocked. Where do you guys find the time to post, there's approx. 6 hours of dailies everyday. Get back to work!
I agree with OP, I avoid blue question marks like the plague... I see these kids going around thinking "I HAVE to do my dailies today!", doesn't feel like a game anymore. There's nothing more hamster-wheelish than dailies. Is that the best you can come up with to keep players interested???
The daily quest mechanic in MOP is absolutely the worst aspect of the expansion. Locking away the best non-raid gear behind reputations and then making daily quests the only way to advance those reps is a truly baffling game design and I don't understand how anyone thought forcing us into doing those dailies to progress our characters was a good, great, or even remotely fun concept.

Before the "dailies aren't required" crowd pops in, I just have to say, if Blizzard didn't intend for everyone to do these dailies and grind these reps they wouldn't have made the items they sell better then LFR gear. But then did, then acted surprised and shocked when people balked at having only one method of obtaining gear that's better then half the raid gear available in the game and is gated behind a really poorly designed, time consuming, and alt-unfriendly.

Daily quest grinding should not be allowed to be the exclusive path to get raid gear. It's baffling design to me and I really haven't enjoyed much of my level 90 experience in MOP and have been focused on leveling alts this expansion because the daily quest grind is such a nightmare. Even raising alts is daunting because the idea of doing the reputation grinds for every single character sounds so hellish.
Dailies are awesome. They add shelf life to the game when we would otherwise lose hope. They're a great safety net.

They're a terrible front line.

I agree with all of you who've posted since... like, three months ago. Pacing is great, but when not doing them one day means you've lost an opportunity, it hurts at least a little. When they said they were doing catch-up systems for Conquest earning in PvP come 5.2, it occurred to me that they know how to do this and they're conscious of the benefits of being able to catch up when life wouldn't allow you to do everything every day/week. I want that grace in dailies so badly. The pressure to grind my soul away for the only epics outside of raids so I can actually help my guild in said raids... I'm in slight pain. I've sworn off of dailies for the most part for a while now, and I can feel the potential slipping through my fingers since those dailies are literally the only way to get rep with important factions past a point.

If nothing else, give us some representing tabards again. :(
I have been doing LFR and even a few lower end guild raids, and I have to say that even still the only way that I am ever going to get into higher level raids is going to be grinding more dailies. I have done about a weeks worth and still have another 90 waiting to even be touched because I am trying to grind this crap. I can't get what I need in LFR and can't get good enough rep.

I am getting FRUSTRATED. I actually have a friend who just threw his laptop out the window because he was getting tired of grinding for 2 months and still not enough rep to get into the stuff he enjoyed in cata. I luckily am not to that point but still. I think dailies are a great thing as an extra fun option; but when you lower our valor and justice earned each dungeon and raid, make it so that EVERYTHING has a 24h cooldown you are just wasting money blizzard.

All that we want is more options on what we can do to get our rep. You don't have to remove rep requirements, but unless you can give us more rep per daily, and more options and chances to do it then you will lose us. Your customers are trying to tell you what they would like to see... Help us out please.

Here is what I picture - all heirlooms up to 85 - a little bit more crossover range between lower raid gear and higher end questing gear to equal it out better (EX. lower raid gear 476 high end quest gear 480) or just something that means loyal storyline followers and quest doers aren't stuck out in the cold while raiders laugh at them, give them a chance too - have things that make it worth doing old stuff (I'm talking vanilla, BC, WOL, Cata) maybe the option of mounts, gold, rep, I don't care but if you are going to make current content harder than trudging through a tar pit on a hot day with a car battery connected to you, then make old content still worth playing since we have paid for it.

I know that you read what we write so please, if not for your company's future, then for your loyal fans who have put in years of their lives, and your new fans who hope for a worthwhile game.

Yours truly,
One of the many looking to a bright future
I originally was excited when Bliz said "choose what you want to do" Cool. I did my dailies with the farmers. Oh look, I need lots of food to level that up, which means lots of daily planting. Ok, I can do that. Then I did the dragon mount... more dailies.

Ok, I've raised two groups to exalted, I have a tonne of valor points, lets spend them. Oh wait, I need to be revered with the group first, but I thought I didn't need to do that. Bliz said I could choose what I wanted to do...

True, I don't need to do the dailies, but if I want that level of gear, I need to do the dailies. Bizarrely now, I don't do dungeons, its not worth it. I can get the same number of VP quicker by doing dailies. I don't get any gear upgrades from dungeons, so why should I be doing them?

I hate logging in now and thinking, "Great, more dailies" and then when you go and pick them up. Some I'll just scream and avoid all together. I know Bliz apparently had their best designers come up with them, but did they really have them sit there and play them day after day after day? Somehow I doubt it.
I love this post.

Dailies truly are the worst aspect of MoP. On top of that, I can grind for 3 weeks doing dailies for 3~4 various factions. I get to revered and then get to spend my valor points finally! Yay!

Oh wait: each piece costs 1200-2500 valor. Oh look: my weekly valor cap is 1000. Oh look: my maximum valor cap is 3000.

It's simply ridiculous. This system also discourages leveling alts, one of my favorite things to do in this game.
But previous, all items you buy don't require revered.

So, with some of the factions, you are spending valor before you hit the cap.

They are also putting in ways to raise the factions faster, with 5.2 (including just planting stuff daily, for different ones.)

I agree that its too grindy, though. I took a break with the skyrim expansion, which was all too short. Then I got back into dragon's dogma for a bit; That has a cool "expansion" coming out in April (this is on the Xbox 360.)

For about a month, I could not even bring myself to log into Wow to do my daily planting of songbells; Nor did I do the living steel transmute. This kind of makes me sad now, but not really. I was starting to wonder if I'd log in again, thinking maybe it was like when I left EQ after six years and I just never logged in again and never posted again (and actually forgot to cancel for a couple of months.)

But here I am, back again.
No dailies, no golds. i just do all of them to make a fortune in one day
I have to agree with this, they need to find a way for players to gain rep without having to grind out those dailies.

I don't think it'd be nearly as bad if GL didn't take what seems like a month of doing the same dailies over and over and then finding out "Oh, hey, I just unlocked more !@#$ that I have to do every day."

If you're worried about players grinding out the rep in a few days, as many players would, myself included, then add a limit to the amount of rep that can be gained from non-daily sources.

IMO bring rep tabards back but cap rep gains per day from said tabards.
Guess not been playing long. Because in BC gear was gated behind rep. And you are absolutly asking for free pass. You want the gear, rep the rep. OBTW the dailies change after each Rep you are not doing the same ones over and over. You want your Tabards back to go into Dg's to get rep. I do NOT want a tabard to get rep via Dgs. I Quest, and do dailies.
People in the guild just accept the fact, untill we raid, we do dailies for the rep to get the gear, just as we did in BC. Then Blizzard introduced (tabbytards) Tabards, so the babies could skip dailies and GRIND Dungeons. Which I hate. Over and over same fights, same bosses, and you don't like dailies with variations every day? Your one sick puppy. Rep grinding in a dungeon? Talk about boring as all heck. At least out of Dungeons i don't need 4 others to depend on some skill to do the work. (or in a lot of cases) being carried through!
So you all don't like what blizzard has done? Take your money somewhere else! They, (blizzard) don't need or want your input. It is Their Game.

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