<H> True Gentlemen [10m] recruiting for MoP

True Gentlemen (Level 25) is a Horde PvE guild currently recruiting for players to be part of our core 10 man raiding group in MoP.

As a bit of a background, many of our players originate from a previous guild, Ludicrous Speed; we consist of a few, but dedicated and experienced players that have been raiding on and off Darkspear since vanilla. In Cata, we were able to clear Heroic DS despite having to pug almost every week. Right now, we're ranked 12th on the server in terms of progression, and currently 2/6H in MSV, 5/6 in HoF, and 1/4 in TES.

WoW Progress Guild Profile:

Currently, we are looking for a skilled Healer (preferably with DPS offset) to fill our ranks.
Exceptional players are welcome to inquire as well.
Our raids are currently Mon/Tues/Wed @ 7PM ST - 11PM ST.
Players must have Ventrilo and a reliable Internet connection.

If interested, please contact one of these players in game: Mushu, Damerae, Design, Splack

10/24 Edit: Updated schedule and recruitment.
12/12 Edit: Looking for a healer again, updated progression
Bumpity bump. Still need a healer.
Bump, come check this out if you're a healer looking for a guild!
We've also begun challenge modes and having only done one weekend of them are 1/9 gold and looking for a healer who's interested in tagging along. :)

--Still looking for healers; a shaman would be awesome.
Just need a dps with a healing offspec at this point to round out our roster. Looking for a shaman, druid, or priest.
Currently looking for a tank--pref. not a paladin--for main raid.

All normal content has been cleared and are working on furthering heroic progression. Guild also has horde-first challenge modes. If interested, whisper any of the following in-game: Mushu, Damerae, Design, or myself. :]
Bump for immediate tank vacancy. Apparently studying abroad in Spain is more important than raiding. *shakes fist at Splack*
Good luck! :)

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