Pacifist Level 90 - 0 kills - 0 ilev

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I missed playing my pacifist druid so much that I decided to level him first for Mists. Mission complete... until the next expansion!

Creatures Killed: 0
Quests Completed 1-90: 1 (at 90 ding - see edits below)
Item Level: 0
Total Damage Done: 92
/Played 1-90: 12 days 4 hours 33 seconds (/Played 1-85: 8 days 23 hours 8 minutes 51 seconds)

The 1 quest I got is a new unavoidable quest that is now auto flagged as complete for all factions. It registered after I hit 86. The gm just called it "that quest" so I am not even sure it has a proper name. I would like to think that that the quest objective is achieving awesomeness - then I don't mind that "1" on my stats page. As far as I can tell the quest did not grant any XP.

Stats, stats, stats: There is currently a bug with the website stats which borrows the HK & Daily quests of my main (In-game stats work fine & my total damage done stat is still 92)

Since the entrance to Pandaria isn't designed to be entered without questing & killing I spent all my time doing archaeology, and gathering in Kalimdor. Here was my level 85 thread a lot of the same strategy applied:

The most memorable things this time was getting my beloved bug mount and claw pet from Tol'vir dig sites. Yay for accountwide mounts!

--- edit 10/15 ---
Just to be clear it was a solo effort and 100% of xp 1-90 came from good old fashioned grinding of professions and exploration. No gimmicks or shortcuts like raf were used.
--edit 10/16---
Noticed 5 more quests got recorded as complete ingame today - for total of 6 now. Not sure if they were automatic quests that just took time to show up or if playing my main did something. Not too bothered by it though since it seems they are simply unavoidable.
--- edit 10/20 --- realized the pet battle quests in my mains quest log say "account" I think this explains the ever increasing total.
Very cool ^^
Pretty cool actually. Always like to see people do stuff out of the ordinary. Reminds me of a Troll character a long time ago (don't remember name or whatever) that leveled with no weapons or armor. He just would fist-fight stuff to death while wearing some little "loincloth" type thing. Might have been way back in vanilla. Anyway, nice to read a post like this in between all the whine-fest posts that seem to be filling up the boards.

That is way cool
Creatures killed --
Different creature types killed --
Creature type killed the most --
Critters killed --

Copied from his armory. Very cool indeed.
Grats! :) That's pretty awesome.


♥ Aune
*shivers* There is no way in hell I could do that... EVER. I would simply be bored out of my mind.
simply ridiculous

nice job mate
Quests and killing take up so much of the game; seeing someone avoid them completely seems like a fun and refreshing experience to try!

And if it's any consolation, consider it 0 quests in my eyes. <3
And if it's any consolation, consider it 0 quests in my eyes. <3

Awww... thanks!
Holy mother of Thrall.
Were you leveling while having the title ''the Patient''?
Amazing, I could never level that way.
Holy Shet

You are the True Iron Man
I am so going to try this Lol! Amazing my friend! This may change how I play completely.Ty for even showing its possible!
10/12/2012 04:20 PMPosted by Dáriuse
Were you leveling while having the title ''the Patient''?

Lol, yeah. I was so pleased with myself when I realized they had made it an account-bound title - it seemed fitting.
Woah. O_o
I say blizzard gives you a title called the pacifist lol
Congratulations. That is quite the feat. "The Patient" indeed.

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