Pacifist Level 90 - 0 kills - 0 ilev

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10/15/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Tsst
i seem to remember someone named Peacebloom doing the same thing a while back, you should check with her, I believe they have a non kill guild somewhere.

Yes she did (to 85) and yes we do. :) Antonidas-Peace Corps.

Thats it, I love what you guys do. I really enjoy the thread Peacebloom had, and the others that have done similar threads, seeing how your characters progress.
Amazing feat! Congratulations!
10/15/2012 02:17 PMPosted by Tsavis
Thats it, I love what you guys do. I really enjoy the thread Peacebloom had, and the others that have done similar threads, seeing how your characters progress.

It is a great thread they have going! Here is the link for anyone that wants to learn more
Beer pirate supports your endeavors, but will continue to solve his problems by hitting people with beer.
10/13/2012 12:22 PMPosted by Bretherezen
So, basically what you are saying is you did RaF for this character?

Read OP's post again breh
Wow. You've got moxie, Irenic.
10/15/2012 01:22 PMPosted by Malkmus
gratz!! please clear up levels 1-5 for us. also did you level profs, drop them and relevel them? How did that work?

There was no level requirement for the early herbalism and mining skills. I did level up on the walk over to learn them. I had to wait a while to learn archaeology because that did have a level requirement. The higher level nodes give higher xp so there was no need to keep dropping professions. In fact I was never able to max professions out on the Uldum nodes.

That is incredible, but I have to ask...How does being a pacifist prevent you from getting better gear?

It was an extra step I hadn't seen anyone else try at the time so it added to the personal challenge. In truth though I think it may have been beneficial since it kept my dps low enough that the few accidental swings didn't hit hard enough to kill the mobs.
This is one of the most awesome things I've seen someone do in WoW! :-)

Kudos to you.
10/12/2012 04:56 PMPosted by Kaìtlynn
I say blizzard gives you a title called the pacifist lol

Agreed. You deserve it.
where as The Patient" is a good title for this

a new title ,.,, the coward would be far more fun .. esp if account bound and you put it on your
PVP monster toon
are you calling The Doctor a coward?
wow i am astonished, well done.

Stop by Wyrmrest sometime for a well deserved free hug from me!
Konijnen I remember dancing with you and you would put down your pinata down on the top of Trade District bank.
You make me miss Mal'ganis :(
The thought of going 89-90 by gathering herbs, mining, and arch sounds painful lol. Gratz though, very interesting.

It would be interesting to see them introduce titles for pacifists and those that accomplish the Iron Man.

EDIT: Did you lvl in that gear as well?
Its easier earlier on I passed 2 levels with my Panda yesterday (15-17) pretty quickly just finding herbs for leveling alchemy. I can't imagine 28mil for one level off it though!
Okay at some point i can tell you hit a mogu over the head with that bent staff!
ON behalf of my !@#$%^-*!@ity you have my support!
Brilliant!! No other words.
This has me curious about something..

Doing professions levels you. Hmm I didn't think of that before..

Back when I was on MoP beta Xaio-Ren was bugged for a while, and I couldn't get out of the Pandaren start zone, so I decided to level my self to the highest I could for all the mobs on the wandering isle.

You can get professions there so that has me thinking..

The max lvl I got to on beta possible was 15, because the highest level mobs were level 9. (The lizard dudes)

I wonder if I could get a Pandaren to level 90 without ever choosing a faction, or leaving the wandering isle.

Do you guys think I could pull that off? I would be leveling purely through professions after level 15.

I think I am gonna try that.

Also congrats on 90 no kills. You have inspired me!

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