Pacifist Level 90 - 0 kills - 0 ilev

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How do you get to level 20 to train archaeology?
I would assume that it would be much harder now to get from 1-10 in order to get the farming professions. That's a loooot of walkin'.
Konijnen I remember dancing with you and you would put down your pinata down on the top of Trade District bank.
You make me miss Mal'ganis :(

Stormwind parties are the best :D
How were you able to afford the professions in the first place, much less the tools required to mine/herb? I don't see that anywhere in the thread, and as I understand your "solo" comment, you wouldn't have been able to accept gold from anyone (even another one of your toons).
WoW you are Lengendary. Grats
10/16/2012 01:48 PMPosted by Zalts
How do you get to level 20 to train archaeology?

He's an Herbalist and a Miner, both of those offer experience each time you harvest a node.

And ... Congrats Irenic, that's quite a feat.
at least you still have your sanity
My hero!
I wish I could do that, too!
I'm curious as to what your /played time was. I'm impressed you made it to 90 so swiftly!

gratz. must have some patient friends.
Blizz definately needs to give you an achievement for this man. That is one tough thing that I could never do. Congrats!!!
... Goodness weiners, boy.
You couldn't have someone summon you to Pandaria?
nice job and nice touch of exploration OGAR OLAR BROTHER
too bad you'll be useless for the upcoming conflicts with the alliance...
10/13/2012 12:20 PMPosted by Tacobeef
Seems like Blizzard should add a pacifist entry into Pandaria for people who don't want to go in guns blazing.
what, you mean like the mage portal to the new capital or a warlock summon to the zone of your choice?
Nice job! I wish I had the patience to do it.
This has me curious about something..

Doing professions levels you. Hmm I didn't think of that before..

Back when I was on MoP beta Xaio-Ren was bugged for a while, and I couldn't get out of the Pandaren start zone, so I decided to level my self to the highest I could for all the mobs on the wandering isle.

You can get professions there so that has me thinking..

The max lvl I got to on beta possible was 15, because the highest level mobs were level 9. (The lizard dudes)

I wonder if I could get a Pandaren to level 90 without ever choosing a faction, or leaving the wandering isle.

Do you guys think I could pull that off? I would be leveling purely through professions after level 15.

I think I am gonna try that.

Also congrats on 90 no kills. You have inspired me!

The trouble there is that you are limited by the nodes available to you. You'd be stuck with entry level profession exp forever. Not impossible, but it would be like leveling to 90 by only killing level 5 mobs. And you couldn't sell the things you harvested because there are no mailboxes. And you could never level the professions past 75 because there are no trainers.

I can't imagine even trying anything like that, but if you do I'd be interested to know what you achieve!

Gambatte yo!
In another game a long time ago I played a pacifist priestess. I'd do dungeons but only ever heal, and only take quests that didn't require me to kill anything. I hadn't thought of trying anything similar in WoW because it's a lot less RP orientated, but maybe I might try something like that on an RP server.
I thought of something a little more simple I might try, ether leveling a charcter from 1 to 90 with just boa's all quests but without equiping a single quest reward or going to a single dungeon. I got the idea because the first character I played leveled to 80 before going into a dungeon, this was before random dungeon finder, and I only formed groups after reaching dal. I remember hearing of dal and wondering if it was a quest hub.

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