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I went to sign into the game last night and it asked for my authenticator code. I looked everywhere for the authenticator (just used it a few days ago) and cannot find it. I fear I may have accidentally thrown it away. That said, I created a ticket but am unable to get phone support due to the horrible "full queue"-> hang up system.

I understand that the "support center" is flooded with calls. However, a 24-48-hour wait for customer service is unacceptable. Can I please get some assistance with this issue? I'd even accept a CS representative enabling the SMS option and sending a code to my phone (I believe it's listed in my account info). I also have a back-up authenticator to use once the issue is resolved. Thanks.
You'll need to talk to a customer service staff. So really your only option is to keep trying to call.
Call Blizzard.

They can verify your identity and go from their.

It's happened to me.
Their "hold queue" is backed up indefinitely. Calling them is apparently not an option, considering that I've run down the battery on my phone twice trying. And seriously, what kind of multi-billion-dollar corporation doesn't have 24/7 support anyhow?

I have a ticket posted with a picture ID. My cell number is in my billing info. A simple enabling of SMS on my account and sending me a code would resolve my problem.
Rofl. "Our phone system is currently undergoing 'emergency maintenance', preventing us from accepting any more phone calls."
when i called in yesterday (only to check to see how long it would take) only took about 18 mins of consistant redial, to get into the queue (did not stay in the queue tho). So it is possible.

Other than waiting on the ticket, or getting through to them, that is all you can do.

Once you are able to get back into your account, i do recomend adding the SMS protect on your account, then you can remove the authenticator yourself.
Ironically, that was my intention. But I need the authenticator to do that. Irony from hell. And not being able to play isn't quite as concerning as the horrible wait times. That's just bad service.
10/13/2012 11:18 AMPosted by Jusi
That's just bad service.

Actually the lines are flooded. Blizzard is not Amazon, they only have a limited amount of physical lines. Just spam redial till you get in queue.
10/13/2012 11:20 AMPosted by Ravenhawke
Actually the lines are flooded. Blizzard is not Amazon, they only have a limited amount of physical lines. Just spam redial till you get in queue.

I had planned on it. When they're done doing their 'emergency maintenance'. Nonetheless, if the volume exceeds the capacity, you increase the capacity (and/or hours).

And unfortunately, it's not a matter of simply spamming redial. It's redial, wait 10 seconds, hit 1 wait 30 seconds, hit 1. No go. Hang up. Repeat.
They have recently increased the number of people... it has changed it form being diffucult to get in and an hour wait in the queue, to now still hard to get in, but only 20 mins in the queue.

capactiy is easier said that done, based on the phone system, etc. While yes could be changed, is a major $$ investment (part of my job is setting up/controling phone systems like these), etc.
Pretty sure they can afford it. ;) They could at least go 24/7 during high-volume periods (weekends, just after expansions/patches, etc).
If it were simple to remove a Battle.net Authenticator, there wouldn't be much point. So we do in fact require some specific information and verification to assist with these issues.

Now, there are a few things you can try outside of calling that might actually help. If you haven't done so already, I recommend checking out our self-help option for Authenticator removal, available from our Can't Log In? page.

Once you get sorted, I recommend looking into SMS Protect, which makes authenticator removal substantially easier.

If you're unable to use the self-help tools, your only option will be to call. We cannot assist with Authenticator removal over the Support Forums or social media.

Edited to add: We've tried 24 hour support. Less popular than people seem to think.
Thanks for the response, Hermf. The "self-help" option simply creates a ticket. (because I've done that already) Tickets are taking up to a week to be answered. And it was my intention to use the SMS protect. But sadly, I can't enable it without accessing my account, which requires the authenticator.

And 24-hour support doesn't need to be popular. It needs to lessen the load during peak times. ;)
Solved. Thanks, Hermf! Feel free to delete or whatever. ;)
No need to delete at all. Just glad you're sorted.
They have a call-back service now available (2015, as of this writing) to help you with reaching someone. You just put your number in a form online, and someone will call you back to help. Link:


Then, click button for Contact Support.

They returned my call within 60 seconds, and it is mid-morning, almost noon. I'm sure call-back times vary depending on the time of day & how busy they are. They were able to help me right away, and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I urge people to use the SMS verification, but remember to check it from time to time & make sure your call-back cell number is still the same! If it isn't, then it is of no use to you because it will send SMS txts to verify who you are, to an old number you no longer have. Doh. Also, it is a good idea to write down the authenticator SERIAL NUMBER (from the back of the authenticator) into a file where you keep passwords, or at the very least, write it on a piece of paper taped to your original World of Warcraft game CD. You might also want to write down your Security Q's & A's, to keep there too. I had done all these things for myself, but then ended up with the hassle anyway, because my dh was at work & needed this done when he lost his authenticator. He had not saved any of the codes, and had an old cell phone nbr listed for the SMS. What a headache this has been. Good luck to the rest of you, hope it goes more smoothly!
I'm sure they got their issue resolved from 2 years ago, possibly by calling in as they could then Lunaae. Its for this reason that we don't necro old threads as things change.

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