ink trader suddenly changed? why?

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so whats up with the ink trader suddenly not accepting Blackfallow ink? and this was changed in a saturday hotfix? seems kinda shady to sneak in a change like this randomly on a weekend without warning.

for example, what are we supposed to do with the 2000 bottles of ink we had saved up? that investment is just gone now, and why? why would you ever just remove game features? this makes no sense.

maybe you're not in my shoes, but what if they surprized you by removing a major part of your game? you see, i mostly craft and AH. without alot of time for more playing lately, this is what i do, craft, and gather gold. think of it like a mini-game till i have more time. and now its ruined.

my wife also plays this way, and i'm pretty sure i just saw her cancel her account... my professions are diverse: i do most of them. she mainly does inscription, and so her "game world" is just screwed.

a little warning would have been nice. but instead, this situation really sucks.
The ink trader change was posted about days ago. I think it was also supposed to have happened days ago.
Actually they announced they was gonna do this for a while. At least a few weeks ago.
announced where? i didn't see anything, and people shouldn't have to hunt down things like this.

i heard rumor that a "new" trader would be available somewhere in the expansion, but i hadn't found one yet.
It was originally supposed to happen on the 9th. It was announced. The attempt to hotfix it in failed, so they had to delay it. It went in as soon as they could get it to work.

There you go:
EVERY new expansion upgrades what ink the trader deals in.

The fact that they delayed it so folks could get rid of their old stock is actually an exception made this time - and was a bit overdue at that.
I would suggest you craft a bunch of mysterious fortune cards with all those inks. They are still selling really well. Just a suggestion that might be helpful.

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