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I am pretty poor and there are a lot of things I need, so my question is which profession would make me the most money? I have the gold to level one just need to know which. Someone was telling me alchemy or jc.
Try the Professions forum.
The General forum is full of stuff that gets shoved to the back pages by new threads in a matter of minutes as it is.
I don't know that there's any one magic profession where you are guaranteed to make a lot of gold. You also have to know the ups and downs of the auction house for your said profession, be able to manage the cost of mats (or have the corresponding gathering profession and time to farm mats yourself) etc.

For example, if you choose alchemy, you could be an herbalist to provide most of your own mats... but that's not all there is to it. What flasks and potions are selling the best? And at what times of the week? How much competition is there? Those are the kinds of things you need to be looking at.
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Daily's are like 1000g a day/

What dailies? That seem like a lot for just a few quests.



Oh come now, don't be such a tr...

/looks you up and down

Uh, carry on.
i think mining/alch or mining/jc
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Daily's are like 1000g a day/

What dailies? That seem like a lot for just a few quests.

try 500 a day.
I do mining and skinning. Always have always will. I'm not out to make millions. Just enough to support my toons. But mining/skinning has worked wel for me. Made a new toon on a new server and put up about 6 stacks of copper bars and made 200+ gold. Not bad for a new toon. :D
Go fishing and sell em,lot of money to be made I kidd you not.Dailies+2 gathering proffs+old quests+vendoring greys(from questing)1000's of gold per day but it's up to you to put in the work.
Inscription can make money off of the scroll of wisdom (1d cooldown) making either Darkmoon cards or offhands or staves. It's a healthy couple thousand gold a day for 5 seconds of work right now.

JC can make money if you really work the AH. It's very time consuming, but also probably the most potential to make money.

Alchemy can make money from transmuting Living Steel (1d cooldown). It's a healthy couple hundred gold a day for 5 seconds of work, more when you proc if you're a transmute spec.

Enchanting can make money if you work really hard at the AH.

Engineering can make a little money off of the dragonling and cogs, but not much.

Tailoring can make good money using the daily cooldown cloth to make bags or gear. This will probably make more than Inscription per CD once that entry-level gear is less attractive, but makes a little less at the moment.

Leatherworking and Blacksmithing... no clue, sorry. I know BS has the belt buckle, but I'm not sure if that makes a lot of gold. And I have no clue what a LW does.
in the first few days of the xpac xmute alchemy wins, hands down. living steel was going for 5k on my server the first 10 days or so.

after that it is inscription's time to shine for a bit. if this is anything like cata darkmoon decks will make you bank for probably the first three cycles of darkmoon faire (first one just ended; you will have about two more months). after that prices will plummet and you will only have glyphs/shoulder enchants to fall back on.

JC is generally a solid/consistent choice. it has smaller profit margins on each individual item but you can make huge money if you buy gems/ore in bulk and are patient on the AH.

Crafting profs... tailor/lw/blacksmith you tend to make huge money per item but generally require you to raid to have access to materials.
I always preferred skinning due to the need of leather in almost all professions.

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