WTS lvl25 Guild 6 tabs with name change.

I am transferring to Stormrage from Medivh and I have a lvl 25 guild with 6 tabs I would like to sell. It will include a free name change to the buyer's choice, however, due to moving it to my alt(Deathblaze) there will be a week delay before I am able to transfer the guild. I am looking for a solid buyer and I would like to hear offers. Please whisper or send an in-game mail to: Moonflay. If you would prefer another method of contact please let me know here and I will see what we can work out.

Guild Name: Immersion
Server: Medivh (transfering to Stormrage)
Lvl: 25
Tabs: 6
Bonus: Name change to whatever is desired.
Contact: Moonflay whisper or in-game mail

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