Heroic Cho'gall kill tonight @ 5pm server

Aerie Peak
Good Afternoon,

This is a H-BoT raid for Heroic Cho'gall only.
The clear is from a heroic run earlier this week with everything on heroic (minus chogall of course).

This means once cho'gall is dead, sinestra is unlocked. I'm not doing sinestra just cho'gall, so if you would like to get the 2-headed ogre down and have a sinestra lockout for later signup!

Looking for,
2 heals
1 tank
5 dps

obviously we need 2 good interupters and at a minimum 2 ranged dps. Not picky on players or experience; however, lower level players are not preferred (sorry) because would like to get this done fast and easy.

Have had 8% wipes during Cataclysm. Last night didn't kill it because it was on Heroic 25-man and players didn't understand corruption.

See the following link here to signup:


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