Suggestion: Wow Mobile: Pet Battles!

Pet Battles
A lot of users would like to have some moblie (phones and tablets) way to play Wow. Doing dungeons or questing seams impossible in this interface. But there should be a limited mobile Wow with pet battles (maybe like the pet battle finder, and an interface to view you collection, choose your moves). I think it would be great!. If you like, please reply and let's make Bliz do this.
agree this would be a great thing to be able to do from our mobiles :)
I had thought about this earlier as well! Of course, I'm no hard core programmer, but because of its mini game characteristics, it should be fairly easy to be able to transfer it over to the phone! Man that would be great!
I think another good idea to go along with this would be have a small number of pets that can only be caught on the phone app, have them follow the same quality rules of normal wild pets, and obviously not over powered. I'm sure there will be a good five or so people out there who cry about not having a smart phone, and it being an unfair advantage having pets exclusive to the phone feature...but authenticators come with core hounds that are always rare, this would just give a small hand full of pets you have to EARN the rare version out of the luck of the RNG fairy.
I would never, ever get any work done. I'd be in meetings, battling my pets. I'd be on the phone with a client, battling my pets. Assisting an employee, while battling my pets. Riding the bus home, battling my pets. In bed at night, battlng my pets.
Eating breakfast battling my pets, working out battling my pets, dog fighting while battling my pets, and playing Pokemon while battling my pets.

But this idea has been suggested before and it is a good one at that.
Blizzard make this happen!
My poor phone battery D:
I thought there was talk of this already?

I was under the impression it was in development.
Absolutely not!

I would never get any work done... :)
I thought of this the other day also and came to see if anyone suggested it yet. I often have times I am sitting with my kid in long wait for Dr. Apt or such and thinking...I'm really really tired of my couple games i have.
I would wear my phone out. Poor phone.

Seriously though. Yes. Please. I would do this all the time. All. The. Time.
Old necro is old. They know, they will, just not likely to happen any time soon with hearthstone coming.
I don't think this will ever happen.

It would further trivialize the already trivial PvE.

PvP isn't popular enough.

Hearthstone will be their mobile game.
Things will fall into chaos, buildings into disrepair, lines at the cash register well be unending, unemployment well reach all time highs, we won't be able to take the roads for all the wrecked cars. But cell phone battery makes will be happy.
I would love this.
even if its a thread necro i would love this too, just getting into pet battling but it could be a fun way to do pvp battles and leave the pve stuff in game
As long as it counted towards the achievement and you could do PVP pet battles with this.

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