[MAJOR BUG] Conquest Points unobtainable

Bug Report
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At the very least, a post stating the team is working on fixing it.
10/13/2012 06:15 PMPosted by Dumbleditz
At the very least, a post stating the team is working on fixing it.

I to am having a problem with this, I capped last week at 1650 and now stuck on 1350. On my server its like pulling teeth to find a winning RBG team, just sayin.
This better be fixed. Still 3 more days on my ticket. I am at 1450/1650 with the same problem. Though being crippled 200 points into huge, it is still completely unforgivable.
I would be satisfied with a blue response saying weather it is intended or not. until then I am a sad panda, also if I am gonna be screwed blizz its good to buy me dinner first. I am not hard to get.
Requesting a blue post please. This issue needs to be addressed.
I bet if I used the explatives I wanted to I could get a blue response lol.
Same happened to me after capping arena. None of my random BG wins gave me any conquest.
Bump as yet another with the same issue.
Please blizzard, I would like this bug to be acknowledged
I am not getting any points either, this is crazy!
Yarp same thing here Though i haven't been able to go past 1350 the last 2 weeks. Yes, I've been doing a mix of random and call to arm battlegrounds as well as arena. nothing will push it past 1350 for the week.
Would love to see a blue post about this.
Yeah Alliance was doing pretty bad tonight so I had to do five BGs before I finally won one! I just kept thinking to myself, damn BGs are boring but at least it will all be worth it when I win some conquest! I check my currency and see that I won nothing, absolutely nothing Blizzard!!!! Fix this please! At least buy me flowers next time before you decided to @$%@ me.

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