[MAJOR BUG] Conquest Points unobtainable

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bump, hoping for a blue response.
Same things happening to me, won 2 random bgs with no conq rewards. 1 before I capped on arena
same thing happened to me. blue post pls
Seriously, this is sad. We demand a blue post on the issue. You are not showing us you are aware of this problem.
Same problem for me as well. With so many people set back, we need a fix before the reset, very frustrating. I have opened a ticket like I am sure many of you have but the wait time ends after the reset in a few days.
The blues in the QA team don't often post. By posting here, you've ensured that they know about the issue. Please refrain from useless bump posts, as that's against the Bug Report Forums' ruleset.

Blizzard can't reply to every thread and every issue because there's a lot of bugs to be fixed. They prefer to fix bugs and only post when they need to.

Bug Forum Guidelines, post by Ujumqin:

Unfortunately with the very large volume to reports we receive QA does not have time to respond to every single post. Generally we only respond to a post if we need more information about a report, or if we have confirmed that an issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Having the same issue. last week I capped 1350 from Arena and then turned around and did the other 300 in random battlegrounds.

This week I get my 1350 in arena and start doing random battlegrounds and after a few wins my arena buddy say, "Hey, I am not getting conquest for any of these wins!" I check it out and I am actually still sitting at 1350 conquest without any way to get to 1650 unless I do Rated Battleground. I don't know about you all but my realm, horde side, Rated Battlegrounds are non-existent.
yeah blizzard needs to fix this really bad because i am 100 points short this week and cant cap if im short on getting a weapon by a 100 points or less i am going to be really mad it is bad enough there is no honor weapons because blizzard is scared of PVE'ers getting a good weapon which in a sense they can run these (easier than wotlk) heroics and easily get a weapon.......
This messes with what I was planning on doing. I did the math and if I lose the 200 conquest points because of this bug, I'm going to have to wait another week to get my weapon. I sure hope blizz can give me my points I earned this week after resets on tuesday :(
Having the same issue.

Hope this gets looked at before tuesday!
I'm stuck at 1450/1650. I did one random BG on Tuesday and got my 100 points, but I cannot get any more. This bug must have started sometime during the week on wednesday ++. The people who are capped probably got capped before the bug started.
Sorry Amilyra, but I'm going to have to disagree, they should look and respond and give up to date feedback on issues, this isn't a free to play game, we buy the game, the expansions, the game time and some other things like mounts etc, and it is an online game where live issues occur.

Live issues require live response, I've had a display issue on characters under 90 saying they will get conquest and they havent, so there's obviously more than 1 bloody bug surrounding this, honestly I would have prefered they postponed MoP if it wasn't ready to go up, some issues they fix and punishment is involved and others they just ignore, it gets frustrating fast.

I'm sure theyre doing "the best they can" I just think that this standard isn't good enough.
Yep so far that seems to be the work around, last week I was grinding some honor in BGs before I got into the areana (wanted at least my 2 set) then did arena and bam 1650. This week did arena first and stuck at 1350. I just want a straight answer on if we're screwed or not cuz there are amost non existent Rateds goin on at my server at this time. So sad panda.
I'm having the same issue. I'm stuck at 1550.

Thus far, there's been little response apart from a blue in the customer service forum telling me that 200 points came from initial wins (first BG win of the day). Well, I've had four this week, and the problem hasn't gone away.
Updated it with a summary.
I'm also having this problem, stuck at 1513 points.

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