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would like sum 1 kind and bored to help a new person to the game jus bought it this morning to power lvl me a bit.....i have 100 gold i can pay half in the begining and half after if we can work sumthing of time or up to lvl out
That's not what this forum is for. This forum is for answering questions about the game.

Recruiting isn't allowed here, and yes, asking for someone to powerlevel you through content in-game is considered recruiting.

Anyways this forum serves all 240+ realms on the North American client, only has 15-20 regular posters, and everyone else is either a newbie asking questions or a veteran asking about a new feature (both of whom typically never return or hang out here once their questions are answered). So you see how unlikely it is that someone from the same server AND faction as you with a high-level character on that server (and not another newbie), would see this and be willing to take you up on your offer.

You'll get much better results on the forum for your realm, as that's guaranteed to be seen by people with high level characters on your server, whether or not they'll decide to help you is up to them.

You're also in a huge leveling guild, talk to the people there as typically the purpose of leveling guilds is to help their newbies level.

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