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refresh the night, recruiting for 25's. Core spots available tomorrow 4-9-2013. Please see current needs.
Still a spot or two available for tonights 25m raid. We can get YOU in if you're interested.
bump for new progression and needs!
Good Morning, Today is Thursday April 11th 2013. Severity Gaming is currently seeking new talent for our 25m progression raid team. Please contact us in-game for more information. Contact details can be found in the opening post!

Great evening tonight!
Good morning everyone!
Its Saturday! Lets the recruitment games begin!
bump for the winz
I wish Saturday wasn't almost already gone! :(
bump for bumpness sake!
I admire your determination. Here's a bump.
I admire your determination. Here's a bump.

Thank you kindly!
We recommend Google +1'ing this!
Accepting trials for this week! Apply now!
And sunday night comes to a close!
Lookin good this week, still a few core spots open ,thanks for the view!
Looks like its Monday night! Thanks for checking out our thread! :D
Still accepting trials for this week!
bump for 3 new 25m encounters tonight.

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