█ Severity Gaming █ [A] (10/14 T16)

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Still searching for those exceptional players.
thank you for looking!
Now seeking heroic level tanks for immediate core consideration.
thanks for checking us out!
hope you have a great thursday
live bump :D
Resto Shaman, Priests, DPS Warriors, and Boomies in high demand! Also we're always looking for those who are exceptional about their roles, so let us know if you're interested.
Mainly looking for the following for core consideration; both repalcement and addition.

2 Boommins
1-2 DPS Warriors
A prot paladin,
A solid mage
Another spriest
A solid rogue
A Resto Shaman
bump :D Happy Saturday!
Bump =]
bump, current needs still stand. Core spots available for all positions!
good morning monday :)

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Working on P3 HElegon. Looking for Tanks, and DPS.
Aaaand, Welcome Monday EST Lunch Rush!
Hello Mid Day! Still looking for some quality Warlocks!
Bamp. Come app and get progression n' purps.
EST Lunchtime Rush Go!
Elegon is hella gone.

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