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Hi Del!
come drink our koolaid
02/18/2013 10:58 AMPosted by Delacour
come drink our koolaid

Sure you're not handing out Flavor Aid ?
bump, it up!
bump it up!
Bump :D
470 iLvl Hunter with an extensive raid background interested in possibly joining your guild. My MoP experience in lacking, but with the tier ending in a couple of weeks anyway, that should not be an issue, I'd assume. I've been looking for a permanent home, as I have been displaced from server to server since the end of WotLK. I ended up here on Kel'Thuzad along with my Mother as we have heard good things about the PvE and PvP side of things over here.

Yes, my Mother plays WoW. She is not great, and I will not try to sell you that, as I would be lying through my teeth. However, if I do join your guild, she must be offered an invitation as well. Not necessarily as a raider, but simply so that she has a group of people that she can do dungeons/lfr with, and fill in if the need arises. She is striving to get better at the game, and I believe she is not far off from being a valuable asset to any raid team. (Her toon's name is Armanee, if you want to look her up.)

Previous Raid Experience:

Vanilla: No raid experience, but I played a lot during this time.

BC: Cleared T4, cleared SSC, 1/4 The Eye, 3/6 Hyjal. Raided casually, 3 nights a week.

WotLK: Cleared ICC 25 man w/ more than half of the bosses downed on Heroic.

Cata: Did not raid much, but cleared Firelands on 25 Normal, and cleared Dragon Soul on both 10 and 25 on Normal.

MoP: Killed 2 bosses in MSV, then guild fell apart. Haven't bothered trying since, as I was Horde for most of the expansion, and was not enjoying the game because of it.

If you are interested in talking to me about possibly joining your guild or doing a trial run, shoot me a message in-game. If you see me online, a whisper works too.

Thanks for looking into this post, and hope to hear from you soon.

Good Saturday! Hope everyone is doing well. We have updated our needs. Thanks for the view!
ohio, it's a state!
So is Florida.
up, goes the post.
Good afternoon/evening, KT.
Why so Serrias? (overused joke, I know)
Why so Serrias? (overused joke, I know)

I just am.
ohio, it's a state!

You, my dear are mighty RP looking.

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