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(FIXED)!!! i updated to latest NVIDIA driver that didnt seem to help much .. what i did was first i typed in start menue run typed in memory and did a memory diagnostic check computer went into several stages of memory checking i was afk so didnt watch came back computer was loaded game was runnning fairly well.. still wasnt satisfied HOWEVER it was good... NEXT i went to my manufactures website and did a bios update after i did the bios update computer running 100x better and wow is looking and running amazing! please spread this news around to others as ive been working on my stuttering lag fps issues for weeks. thanks again.
I wouldnt suggest that people do this. Yes this might have fixed it for you, but in the past i have upgraded BIOS and had negative results. Basically if your PC is running fine outside of wow, its a wow issue. Most manufacturers suggest you dont upgrade bios unless you really need to (like if you are getting a new CPU, and your MOBO was manufactured before the CPU came out).
motherboard bios?

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