@ Saturday

I win! I think at least
Also first raid night was a flop, still trying to rebuild a dead guild which is more difficult than I originally believed...
Yup. Guess u did
Lol I didnt beat u by much!
Maybe tomorrow :]
So yeah. I need to get MoP D: or im gonna die of boredom
so do i
It sucks not having MoP and doing Bgs at 90 and heroics and stuff.
10/12/2012 10:02 PMPosted by Drunkbeard
Haha. Raid went pretty well tonight. Our Fire Mage and myself both 1st place ranks for 10N Feng. I think mine will be beaten by the end of the weekend though. I only won out by like 500 dps lol. Not that rankings are particularly impressive right now with how early in the tier it is still and how few guilds seem to be raiding.

Nice =D

I don't have the title "Farmer" on my DK for some reason... THIS MAKES RANI VERY ANGRY AND SAD >=(!
Dat axe rani i'm jelly
2 level 90's down, six more to go. Why did I feel a need to have so many alts, besides profession bots?

Farmed the Direbrew watch for my Priest with only 3 hours to spare. No pressure.
After going through our forums I've now know what rogues, mages, and hunters feel like in every expansion ever. So many QQ threads and the amount of !@#$s anyone gives is relative to the amount of oxygen in space.
Bought a level 25 guild for 75k.

I'd say that's a good deal, wouldn't you guys?
Eventful day. Farmer, Master of the Ways and finished grinding out spirits for all the LW PVP recipes. Wee.
I almost have all the BS recipes. Missing 3 of the tank patterns.

Lotta Spirits spent now that I look back at it. xD
10/13/2012 01:49 AMPosted by Drunkbeard
You sir are a madman lol. I recommend you go to AA (altoholics anonymous).

I`m just gonna hide the achiev for having 3 90s.... =(
Ranikotar i was sure that axe didnt exist in game 0_0
10/13/2012 04:08 AMPosted by Power
Ranikotar i was sure that axe didnt exist in game 0_0

This :p I have yet to see an epic drop from a boss in Heroics.

Doing challenge modes today with guildies, weee!

E: Also kind of having a terrible time with my hit/exp with these 2 trinkets :p Doesn't leave room for a lot of crit

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