Is it Me or is every one crying again?

The first season last expansion same !@#$. Let us hunters have 1 season before the game is ruined by FOTM to every other class. It really makes me wonder who is behind all this. Lets think about other classes being OP and when crying about get nerfs.. It seems to hit only warriors and hunters every time. I honestly dont care, I will continue to play my hunter regardless I have been playing hunters since classic. And if any one can tell me what good a hunter had in classic bonus points to you. Only 1 spell was needed from hunters.
Apparently know one watches videos on youtube. TIME CHECK
That's ridiculous how OP those Warriors are. I knew they hit like a Mac truck in pvp, but this is just insane. It's like raid boss..
NERF WARRIORS. lets go cry on their forums like they did to us till they get nerfed.
Here's how I determine if a class is OP. If I can kill someone else in PvP, then I'm OP. Seriously. I suck at PvP. But my warrior is able to survive and actually kill people on occasion. She has some pretty impressive abilities that I never even think to use. I understand PvP really well, but for some reason can't implement it. It's just something I can't seem to do. So when Cleya is beating people in PvP, I'm pretty she's OP.

But please don't go troll the warrior forum. I enjoy reading and posting in there. I don't want to have to sort through the QQ posts that people come in here posting. :(

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